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Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal

Started by Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Age: Unknown
Race: Highelf
Birth name: Sarcano
Current Name:. Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal

Birth: His birth date is indeterminate although it is believed that his age is close to that of queen Anwen.
As a child he was perfectly normal but he had a strange obsession with the nations of Akavir, this flaw would lead to his down fall.

Teen years: These are words from his journal.
"I have been busy of late with little time to partake in the childish activities of my class mates. "I have presented my studies to my professor he was very impressed and has secured me a position in the group that will soon be sent to nations of Akavir. Particularly the land of the Kamal if my hunch is correct the demon will still be frozen solid by the time we get there."

Field journal: This land is cold so cold in fact that we are all wearing rings of resits frost to prevent our blood from freezing.
They are everywhere the demons frozen in time their armor is rather impressive but there is one in particular I seek to find their leader Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal he lead the invasion that destroyed Windhelm. I must find him I have been here for months now but there is no sign of him.

"Many of the others have left it is because they lack the drive to succeed.
I have found it!!! Just an hour ago while digging ice samples the ice collapsed and I fell into a small cavern. There sitting upon a icy throne he was mace in one hand icy spear in the other.
I must move it perhaps if I remove him from the throne first...
After word:If only I could go back and tell myself the consequences of my actions.
Report author Canrna : I found him lying on the floor in a ball I attempted to move him but his hands have fused with this damned statue.
After hours I have succeeded in melting the ice from his hands but he is pale and unmoving I must take him to the boat.

Professor of curses and diseases: I have examined sarcano but there is little I can do his face has been hideously deformed and his soul is split on and on he demands for water and ice he wants to be cold this I find disturbing seeing how he is in a tub of ice.
He has been showing small improvements he now speaks and wishes to write in his journal I will have to examine what he writes later.

Sacarno: These fools have bound me in this cursed room I must return to the tundra I finally found the chamber I will not allow them to take my discovery.
I have been locked in here for days now they will not allow me to leave I shall destroy them all for what they have done to me I will bind there souls within a soul burner and throw it in the river!!!
They watch me watch me digress into madness I hear his voice now tell me what to do . Sacarno you must break free they seek to steal your fame.() I know this Sacarno you need not tell me the warm bloods plot to kill me as we speak() Then leave Sacarno and as you go slit their insolent throats() Not yet Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal the time is not yet right.
It is now the time I have picked the lock of this pitiful cage and am escaping. But I must stop to speak with Seraya she will have my reserch notes.

After speaking with Seraya she convinced me to stay she hid me in an old ice shoot beneath her house late in the night she comes to me and speaks to me in a voice so soft it melts the very ice from my veins.
She begs me to stay but I had to go to find a place where I could continue my research I found a small cabin nearby so Seraya often comes to visit it seems the only thing keeping me sane is her.

Wrightings from Seraya's journal:
I am on my way to visit Sarcano there have been reports of raiders in the region but this I doubt, besides Sarcano gets so lonely in the woods perhaps this time I can convimce him to let me stay.

Where could she be? She has never been late before perhaps her carriage broke down I will go in search.

They killed her those viscous savages I found her body laying in the burning ashes of her carriage they will pay for this they will all pay!!!

What happened next was not written in his journal but he told me the story later and I wrote it down.
Sarcano climbed to the peaks of the hills south of the city. This he knew was where the brigands had taken shelter.
Coming to their camp in the night he slaughtered them tortured them impaled their bodies on stakes and left them for the buzzards.
After the long night Sarcano collapsed in exhaustion.

Official report:
We have been informed of the terrible screams that were echoing from the bandit fortress. We sent a small group to investigate upon arrival they fond the mangled and frozen bodies of the bandits hanging from the gates.
Upon further investigation we discovered Sarcano the escaped prisoner. "When we found him he was curled up in a fetal position sobbing he refused to speak but allowed us to return him to the city.

They have tttold me the identitys of ttthe foul people rrespondsible for this they were Nords sent to torment our villages.
That day I went to the Queen herself and begged for a position in the army she asked me why I would choose to aid the dominion.
I told her "I wish to reek vengeance on those who have destroyed what I love".
she told me I was accepted without further question all she said was. "Sarcano I welcome you to the Aldmeri dominion.
I looked at her and said what I had been dying to say since the day I touched the frozen demon.
"No my queen I am Sarcano no longer I am Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal!!!"
The voice in my head spoke those words as much as I did and in total sealing my fate.

Date of death: None. He later became a vampire.[/font]

weapon of choice: Mace

Magic: Destruction primarily frost. conjuration, alteration

Armour: Heavy

Role: Dps.

Certainty of death small chance of success...

What r we waitin 4!!!
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