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Advantages/disadvantages of assassin

Started by Dark Souls Mantra
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So with small number PvP I can see clear advantages to being sneaky, but with larger scale battles like FvF (I'm assuming there will be larger scale PvP) I am wondering how assassin type characters fair. I guess i'm looking for feedback from people that have experience playing the assassin type in larger scale mmo battles. Thanks

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It depends.

First of all is down to the "template" abilities. Depending how you spec your Nightblade, you can even heal your group. You can carry around your two handed sword, or you can be in a corner with your bow or with two weapons etc

I doubt you are going to be that sneaky as in DAOC, and do not expect to "suck" when comes to battle a Dragonknight or a Templar in close combat or in full scale battle.

TESO is down to freedom. You can play what you like, how you like with barely any mechanics to limit you or assist you for that matter also.
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Depends on your build, but ideally you want a way out of combat (Shadow Cloak) if your rocking Light or Medium armor as a cliché stealth based assassin build. You have options, kiting abilities like Cripple, Blur which gives you high dodge chance, and pending on your build you might have good burst.

You don't want to Leeroy Jenkins it in a large group of people, just play smart (DoTA style) and pick your targets.

Youtube (TESO PvP HQ videos!)

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