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Aeon Knights Recruiting

Started by Yorik
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Ebonheart Pact

If you are here, Then you are a like-minded player who seeks challenges, Just as we do. It’s a vast and lonely world full of new trials & tests with tons of opportunities and our main mission is to explore and conquer them, While we have fun together. We are defining ourselves as casual-core players, We are a 18+ guild who unfortunately have grown enough to face the responsibilities in life, But not too much to forget the childish dreams of being ‘Warriors, Rogues or Mages’. We have a long and glorious history and we will be here for many more years to come!

- 18+ Mature Guild
- PvE, PvP, Casual Gaming
- Progressive Guild (Rise Through The Ranks)
- Teamspeak Server
- Gaming Community (Not Just A Guild)

If you feel Aeon Knights is the best home for you, You are welcome to introduce yourself and apply for membership.

Join our Community today and become an Aeon Knight!
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