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Aerim Wirich - A Witchhunter of High Rock

Started by Peatwalker
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Aerim Wirich

Physical features
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Breton
Birthplace: Crosswych, High Rock
Height: 1.85
Build: Average
Pigmentation: Light
Hair: Short, Ash-Blonde
Beard: Stubbles
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Special Feature(s): Vampire Bitemarks

Personality: Intelligent, Cautious, Introvert, Righteous
Abilities: Agile and has an affiliation with Magic
Bad at: Cooperating with others

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Divine Magic
Skills: Bow, Alchemy, Enchanting
Armor: Medium
Fighting Style: Observing the enemy, choosing his strategy and striking death from afar.

- Witchhunters of High Rock
- Temple of the Divines

His mother Danica Greycloak used to be a merchant, moving goods between High Rock and Skyrim untill she got attacked by bandits on the roads to Daggerfall City. However, she was quickly saved by a skilled Breton guard with whom she fell in love with. His name was Aelwin Wirich. They eventually married and build a house together near the town of Crosswych. In time they had a son, they gave him the name Aerim, after his mother's father. Because they didn't live in the middle of town Aerim's father taught him how to use a bow so he would be able to defend himself and his mother when he would be on duty. It turned out he was quite skilled at using the bow and had no problem to chase away the occasional wolf that would appear to get a taste of his mother's chickens. All seemed to be going very well for his family and they were very happy together.

When Aerim turned 12 years old he applied to join the guard because he wanted to serve under his father who had been promoted to officer of the guard. He trained with his father and in time they went on his first assignment together. Some people in Crosswych had heard strange noises at night and were afraid to leave their windows open. It would probably be just vermin so together with his father (who wanted to keep an eye on him) he went on patrol. However they didn't encounter anything out of the ordinary untill midnight. They were walking through an alley until suddenly they heard some noises coming from the roof. They stopped to listen and after a moment shivers went down his spine. The air suddenly seemed very cold, had it been that way all night? It all happened very quickly, his father was about a meter ahead of him looking down another alley to see if nothing was approaching when suddenly he felt a presence behind him. He slowly turned around and stared into the eyes of a Nord Vampire. His piercing red eyes were looking at Aemir as if he was a warm, juicy piece of meat. The vampire's mouth turned into a crooked smile and two large fangs were visible. Before he could do anything the vampire sunk his teeth into Aemir's neck. His father who hadn't noticed anything turned around and saw in horror how his son was being devoured by this evil creature. Not wanting to risk the life of his son by shooting an arrow at the vampire he took his sword and severed the arm of the vampire from his shoulder. The vampire threw Aerim aside and now turned his head towards Aelwin. Although greatly injured he couldn't be killed so easily. He screamed to Aerim to make a run for it and return home as quickly as possible. Although he didn't want to leave his father he knew he was too weakened by the vampire's bite to help. He stumbled out of the alley headed as quickly as he could towards home. When he was just 3 houses away from the scene he heard a piercing scream echoing throughout the night. It was his father's. He knew that if he didn't hurry home the vampire could be on him very quickly. His loss of blood also didn't make it easy for him. Whether the vampire was too injured or thought Aerim wouldn't make it anyway, he didn't encounter him again. When he got home he pounded as hard as he could on the door and after a few seconds he his mother opened. He stumbled through the door and just after whispering "mother" he fell unconsious in his mother's arms.

When he woke up he found himself in a room filled with a bright white light, his mother sitting asleep next to him holding his hand. He hold her hand a bit more firmly and his mother opened her eyes. She was very glad to see him conscious again but quickly bursted into tears again after he asked her what happened. Apparantly he had been unconscious for over a week. She told him that they had found the remains of his father, who had been almost unrecognisable when they found him. They had buried what was left of him a few days ago and untill Aerim had woken up they weren't sure if he would ever wake up at all. She told him that after he stumbled in she immediately noticed the two bitemarks in his neck and knew time would be of the essence. She had brought him to the temple for healing so he wouldn't turn into the horror that had attacked him. A man called Alain Milvand had been watching over him for days and cured him of his Sanguinare Vampiris. Still too shocked by his father's death and weakened by the disease he remained in the temple for a few weeks to recover. He spend quite some time talking to Alain Milvand about the divines and the horror that had attacked him and his father and decided a role in the guard wasn't laid out for him anymore. He asked Alain if he could teach him what he knew of vampires and other ill creatures and what he could do to fight them. At that moment Alain saw the spark in his eyes and knew that there would be nothing that he could do to keep him from this path and agreed to teach him what he knew to cleanse the world of these creatures.

After 11 years, Aerim had gotten quite proficient in the use of the bow and divine magic and left Crosswych to fight the creatures and people that used dark powers to gain control over the living or dead. And most of all, to find and kill the one-armed vampire that had killed his father.

In just a few months time he had rooted out quite some vampire dens but there was still no trace of the vampire that had killed his father. When suddenly he found a note in one of the lairs that was signed by Mannimarco "The King of Worms" that was adressed to a vampire called Olaf One-Arm. He just knew that it had to be the vampire that had killed his father and went to the lair in which the meeting would take place.

When he got to the cave there was still no enemy in sight, so he used the opportunity to explore and find a good point from which he could oversee the meeting. After a few hours he heard voices coming down from one of the tunnels leading to the meeting place and he hid behind a few large boulders. His heart skipped a beat when he saw a tall figure coming through the gap. The first one was a High Elf, whose very presence seemed to fill the air with a smell of death and decay. Then the second figure came through the gap. His heart stopped beating for a second and his mind was filled with rage when he saw him come into the faint light. The abomination that had killed his father was just a few meters away from him. The High Elf (which had to be Mannimarco) and Olaf talked for a few more seconds when suddenly Mannimarco raised his hand. He stopped talking and turned his head around, Aerim thought he could hear him sniff and after a second his eyes were turned to were Aerim was hiding. In the dark Aerim thought he saw a smile appear on the face of the necromancer. Before he could move the necromancer pointed his hand at him. His mind started spinning and an aura of dread came over him when suddenly the world started to go dark around him. Just as when he fell into his mother's arms on that dreadful day he fell unconsious again but this time there was no one to catch him. And that's where his story starts.
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