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Aeron Gaerford

Started by Aeron Gaerford
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Name: Aeron Gaerford
Title: Steward of Gaerford
Age: 19

Story: After his father died in a border dispute with a rival called Firtree, Aeron was put in the ward of the Lord of Gaerford, Jaude, at the age of four. He grew up learning how to become a knight and was taught the mannerisms of a Lord, as he was the heir, with Jaude having no children of his own.

This all changed when Jaude's wife gave birth to a son called Gwyn when Aeron was fourteen. Seeing he had lost his place, he gave up on his teachings and went into the nearby villages to drink. There he met new friends; the friends of the night. Soon he was mixing with thieves and mercenaries, picking up the tricks of the trade.

Two years later Jaude, seeing Aeron's new side, accompanied him on a ride. He asked why Aeron had given up his duties as a noble, to live life with "the common folk". Aeron, seeing a different side, said that they were the same as nobles, with no change accept birth. Jaude was bemused. Living as a Breton noble never taught him a different perspective. So he comprimised. In return for looking after the people, Aeron was welcomed back into the knighthood, along with his closest friends being knighted.

Three years later, Jaude fell sick. Aeron, who viewed him as a father, looked for a cure. Seeing no book with Jaude's symptoms in, he turned to a new book. A book of poison. Within the first few pages he saw the symptoms. His heart fell as he read down further to :no known cure.

Aeron sat by Jaude's bed as his breathing grew heavier. Tears rolled down his eyes as Jaude gripped his hand and told him, as forcefully as he could, to defend Gwyn to his dying breath. After hearing Aeron swear to it, he gave a contented sigh, gripped his sword, and died.

A week later, Aeron sat watching Gwyn sleep. Not only had he taken over running Gaerford as steward, but also took personal guard of his cousin. Suddenly the door opened and a figure entered, dagger in hand. Obviously they had not expected Aeron to be there as they walked straight past him, giving him a chance to run him through from behind. He quickly woke Gwyn and ran outside, calling for guards. A small trickle of knights came. He looked to the walls. No sentries. Then he looked at the gate. It was open. And enemy mercenaries were coming in.

He ran inside and ordered the doors to be barricaded. He then took Gwyn to the great hall as it was the most defensible area of the keep. With their backs to the wall they formed a ring. And as the enemy swarmed towards them they fought like heroes, commoner and noble alike defending their lord, inspired by Aeron. But they were not heroes and one by one they fell. Soon, only half a dozen were left. So intent on the foes in front of him, he did not see the enemy come round him, and strike him on the head. He lost conscience as the hall burned.

In the ashes of the great hall, he was picked up and dragged to a cart. The cart drove to the nearby city. Still half-conscience he was put on trial for the hiring of mercenaries to kill Gwyn and assume control of Gaerford completely. He made his defence to Firtree (the old rival) that the keep had been destroyed. Firtree dismissed this, saying that the mercenaries could have got out of hand. Aeron then said that he and his friends had fought to save Gwyn. Firtree looked at him and asked why he was alive, and Gwyn was not. Then Aeron realised; Firtree had hired the mercenaries and gave orders for him not to be killed. This way, Aeron could take the fall, leaving Firtree free to take control as Aeron was excecuted or banished. The judge gave his verdict, Aeron was to be banished from the region for evermore.

Personality: Cynical of life, religion and politics. Tends to be something of a philosopher, as it keeps his mind occupied and stops him getting bored.
Appearance: Sharp Cheekbones, green eyes, black hair reaching his shoulders. Tall for a Breton (5*10).

Equipment: Chainmail for travelling but wears steel plate when going into battle.

Religous views: Pays his usual respects but othing major.
Political views: Agrees with equality but is a cunning politician. To him, the ends justify the means
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Very "Game of Thrones". I like it.
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If only you weren't a Breton...

Magnus has called. Will you join The Council?
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