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Aeternae gro-Kulog

Started by Aeternae
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First Name: Aeternae

Surname: gro-Kulog

Title: (no official title)

Sex: Male

Race: Altmer/Orsimer (halfling)

Age: 3146

Occupation: None

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance: Aeternae has classic high cheekbones and brow of an Altmer, matched by the broad, jutting jaw of an Orc. He has horns that lay parallel to his eyebrows and then another row that runs perpendicular to those and up his skull into his hair. He has a short but full beard that helps smooth out his jagged features and hide his sunken vampiric cheeks. His hair is short and jet black, and swept back behind his ears. He has deep orange eyes with white pupils like other vampires. He is taller than a normal elf because of his mixed blood, and he has a heavier build than an average orc.

Personality: Cold and distant, loyal to those that he cares about, very pragmatic

Backstory: Aeternae's mother was an elven envoy to an orc tribe that the Altmer wanted to help them conquer High Rock. She fell in love with the Chief, and they had him secretly. But another chieftain found out, and rallied the Orcs against his father, and sent men to kill them. His father fought them off long enough for his mother to escape with him to northern Cyrodiil.

Aeternae grew up quickly, reaching his adult size of eight feet sooner than most elves, but slower than an Orsimer. But an imperial lieutenant took an interest in his mother and tried to take her, but she killed herself. Aeternae erupted in rage when he found out about his mother's death, and he disintegrated the lieutenant with destruction magic he had been practicing in secret. He then fled from Cyrodill, into Skyrim.

Once in Skyrim he was recruited by the Dark Brotherhood, and he spend years as a relentlessly cruel assassin, punishing those he believed were immoral. He was so cruel that Molag Bal made him a pureblooded vampire lord. Now immortal, Aeternae continued his service to the brotherhood for many years, until he was hired to kill a yound nord warrior who fought him to a draw with weapons, so he used his magical skill. But the nord girl told him that he could use his strength for good, and humbled herself before him; so he spared her. She taught Aeternae how just because he was a killer, doesn't mean he couldn't make the world a better place so that people didn't have to endure what he had endured. So he destroyed the dark brotherhood sanctuary and began to assassinate evildoers across Skyrim. But eventually, his wife grew old because she did not want to become a vampire, and died in her sleep. Distraught, Aeternae fled Skyrim into Morrowind, where he was enslaved by the Dunmer.

After years toiling in the service of a Dunmer mage, she tried to use him as a conduit to reach the Soul Cairn and the Ideal Masters. Instead the Ideal Masters offered him a bargain, he could bind his soul to whatever he wanted, and he would serve them for eternity. To their surprise, Aeternae bound his soul to all of Tamriel, Mundus, Oblivion, Sovengarde and the Void. The Ideal Masters lacked the power to influence something of that scale so they were forced to give him his freedom. Aeternae then returned to his body, killed his master, and fled into Valenwood.

Aeternae used his power to travel to Sovngarde and see his long lost lover, and she told him that she was happy and that he should live his life freely and justly on Tamriel. But after he returned to the mortal plane the Ideal Masters had found a way to prevent him from accessing the rest of his soul, trapping him in his mortal body. Hearing rumors of war, Aeternae joined the Dominion to gather allies while he figured out how to regain his full power.

Best Memory: Nordic wife

Worst memory: His mother's death

Skills: Excellent mage, wears heavy armor, has a crossbow, is learning healing.

Challenges: Working through his dark past and becoming a better leader

Birthsign: The Atronach

Religious Views: Believes in the eight divines, but sometimes has trouble with his faith

Political Views: Supports the dominion, believes that many other races need direction so that they can reach their full potential
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