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Aftermath:Ebonheart Pact : Central : Recruiting PVE

Started by Vanguard
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
We are currently recruiting for the Ebonheart Pact

Requirements to join
1. Need to be able to utilize Mumble voice server during raid, mic is optional.
2. We are an adult guild that looks for likeminded individuals 18 years and older; however we do take friends and family that are laid back and willing to participate.
3. We have members in multiple MMO’s and are looking for players who are focused on ESO but understand that we are a large group of friends as well as guild mates.
4. Members play their game how they see fit, although participation in raids and other PVE & PVP content helps to build our gaming community and is greatly emphasized.

To join Aftermath simply go to and register. You will be contacted by email and requested to join us in mumble for brief interview that will allow you to decide if you think you would fit in with us. It’s as important to us that you enjoy running content with us as we enjoy running it with you.


Aftermath has cleared all the content we have come across in other MMO’s, however we are not elitist or hardcore. We are hardcore raiders with casual attitudes; we do often us a parse to ensure everyone is ready for the harder content, although this is one of many tools that we use to decide being on top or bottom of the parser does not tell the whole story when playing an MMO. Good players know how to play their characters and how to avoid stuff in the raids, this is more important to us than top geared players who get killed and blame someone else. We are only as good as our weakest link.



As with every MMO we base our raid times on what works best for the group, typically this is around 7:30 eastern; however this will depend on what works best for the guild rather than how it works in other games. We normally run raids daily depending on restrictions and content, so everyone gets a chance to raid regardless of schedule. If you have a core group of friends that can all run as a specific time we still welcome you to join us to add more options to run times.
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