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Ah, Nostalgia

Started by Iogairn
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Since the majority of people who visit here nowadays seem to be the veterans of a few years ago, I thought we could discuss the journeys we took together on this forum and remark on what we liked and didn't like, so we can evaluate and improve all of our skills.

To start off, what was your favourite RP on this site and why?

Also, would a google hangout RP be an idea at some point?

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Trying to get back in the game I see.

Yea I think most of us from a few years ago out of many for more than one reason just always find ourselves checking on the site reading old post and remember those that have disappeared into the nether.

Not really sure where to begin the conversation it's probably ironic I don't know if I have a favorite RP cause the best ones I did or the ones with the best writing of mine and others often seemed to die out and go unfinished so there is a bit of a bittersweet feeling. I think that would be my biggest complaint or issue is how many great concepts stories about TES or in the off topic just fell off and never seemed to pick back up in spite of all the raw potential and skill being executed by people taking part in it.

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My personal favorite, the one I enjoyed by far the most, was the "Fall of the Crimson Order" or whatever it was called. I highly enjoyed the story, all the characters involved, aswell as the fact that it was rather epic and took us from Skyrim, through Hammerfell etc. :p

Although as I look back at the posts, I realise how absolutely horrendously bad I was at roleplaying xD
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