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Ahaswer the Fair-Skinned

Started by TheEnlightenedOne
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname: Ahaswer (actual name) or Assuérus (what my father always says and writes).

Surname: de Fer-Oelliet.

Title: the Fair-Skinned.

Sex: Male.

Race: Redguard/Breton. My mother is a Redguard and my father is a Breton.

Age: 14 years at 4E 191.

Occupation: Autodidact student, occasional fisher and smuggler.

Faction: I swear loyalty to the Kingdom of Hammerfell and the Principality of The Chain.

Appearance: I am brown-haired, green-eyed, tall, of strong complexion, fair-skinned and callow. I have several acneic scars on my face and back. I usually dress in baggy clothes or gauzy robes and wear short hair, specially during the burning summer of Herne.

Personality: I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the inability to toe the line and the aim to change the world around me. I have always a book with always: sometimes historic, sometimes magic, sometimes forbidden. Many say to me that my voice isn't the most virile, but I tend to ignore them... or maybe what I really do is to wait until I can get my revenge... It all depends on the day. I have to confess I don't like women... I have... some particular tastes... perhaps they are a blessing or perhaps a curse. I have never satisfied them so I can't know.
However, I think I am an optimistic person. It is truly I think differently too, so maybe I can't tell nobody who I am.

Social Background/Backstory:
My mother is Meritamen at-Yahya, a Forebear Redguard from a family of fishers and smugglers in Herne. On the other side, my father is Jean de Fer-Oelliet, heir to a viscounty in the Kingdom of Daggerfall. He came to Hammerfell from Cyrodiil after the White-Gold Concordat was signed in 4E 175 to continue fighting the Third Aldmeri Dominion. My paternal grandfather, Viscount Jean de Fer, resulted dead in the Battle of the Red Ring and my paternal grandmother, Viscountess Marie de Oelliet, died of grief soon after.
My parents first met when my father resulted heavily wounded in a Thalmor ambush in Southern Hammerfell and a Redguard smuggler, my maternal grandfather, brought him first to life again and then to Herne. My father fell in love with that pretty Redguard girl of curly dark hair, voluptuous body and clever mind. And from that love I was born the 16th of Heartfire of 4E 176. Since then, my father live with the rest of the family of my mother. He has no family left in High Rock, no support of the Mede Empire government and then, no viscounty to claim.
My maternal grandfather, Yahya the Black, is the patriarch and one of the greatest smuggler of the Abecean Sea and he gives job to many people in Herne, but my maternal grandmother, Threissya the Bold is the one who truly rules the destinies of my family. Sadly, although I have no siblings, I have one and beloved aunt: Ganewa at-Yahya, married with Horatius the Short, an Imperial pirate from Stirk. Their children are Eirenya and Ajram: my cousins.
I have always live in the island of Herne, one of the westernmost locations of Tamriel. We are all governed by the Prince Rajam of The Chain, sovereign ruler of Herne, Cespar, The Sestres and Stros M'Kai; and vassal of His Royal Majesty Ahtur, High King of Hammerfell and King of Sentinel. We all live in a great state in a little bay in Southern Herne my grandfather Yahya built fifty years ago. From the tallest tower we can see our little ships go and come and how the dawn and dusk make the sea burn in one hundred colours. My family make fortune from the unfair trade taxes between the Empire, the Dominion and Hammerfell. We do not pay taxes. We are smugglers. I respect order and justice, but those laws have been enacted to be broken. And my grandpapa always brings me books from the mainland!

Best Memory: When I had my first book from the former Arcane University in my hands and I could begin studying Aurbis from this tiny island, eight years ago. I remember it was Notes on Racial Phylogeny and Biology, Seventh Edition. I still own it.

Worst Memory: When I got lost in a boat in the middle of sea, two years ago. I had to bring a small cargo of fish to Cespar to trade it for moon sugar from Elsweyr and come back. All the young men in The Chain should pass this kind of trials to become adults. Finally I succeeded

and sailed all the way from Cespar to Herne, but still I do not know how I arrived home. Maybe Tava guided me or maybe I am a lucky guy.

Skills: I am a Restoration School mage, I would like to learn more about healing, but The Synod or the College of Whispers of Cyrodiil and the Winterhold College in Skyrim are too far away from home. I also have knowledge in Destruction magic, based in the ancient magic of

Yokuda. My grandmother, the Elder One in Herne, has taught me everything I know: molding the waves, invoking the skies and angering the earth. However, my battle skills are limited.

Challenges for the Character: I fear I won't be able to achieve my family's expectations about my future, but at the same time, I dream about exotic coasts, royal courts, new books and knowledges and... adventure. I can't imagine if I could kill someone if I have to, how to adress a nobleman or how to run away from a Thalmor Justicar... Maybe I am not prepared to left home.

Birthsign: The Lady.

Religious Views: I am a follower both of the Eight Divines and the Yokudan Gods. But perhaps not so follower and perhaps not so deeply. Syncretism is the norm when your parents are of different religions and being a cynic one is an aceptable option.
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