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Ahmed, the Desert's Orphan

Started by mate888
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Firstname - Ahmed
Surname - Laij El-Sayid
Title - The Desert's Orpan
Sex - Male
Race - Redguard
Age - 20
Occupation - Mercenary (but he rarely gets work, so he normally steals to eat)
Origin: A village somewhere in the Alik'r
Birth sign: The Archer.
Faction - Crowns, Daggerfall Conveant
Appearance - Medium-sized, dark-skinned, black haired.[Image: Redguard.jpg]
Personality - Smart, clever and alert, not really trustworthy, but when trusts in someone, he could be really loyal.
Social Background/Backstory - He lived in a small village lost in Akil'r Desert, living a simple, good life.
But one day, when he was 14, he went hunting a desert fox, and when he went back after an unsucessful hunt, he saw just a burned ruin.
He cried when he saw that, bandits, taking what was left, and an Imperial, their leader slaughtering the survivors, he took the mayor by the arm, and said something to him, before cutting his throat. Ahmed yelled when he saw that, that gentle old man, always so nice with the people, being murdered in cold blood... A very loud yell... Ahmed could barely hide within the trees of the oasis where he was hunting, and kill the man that was approaching with his dagger, before taking his camel and riding away, into the desert...
Years passed by, and Ahmed lived of the food he could in the cities, earning money because of some jobs, and stealing it, until he went to Sentinel, to serve the Daggerfall Conveant, failing misserably, because he had the bad luck of getting lost in the way enough times to loose all his money after being assaulted in the desert, being at Sentinel totally poor. But, at least he is not on the villages he knew all over his life (Lets just say there may be some babies across Akil'r that look suspiciousley like him).
Family: Sons?! Who said anything about sons?? Oh, eeeerm... Get the f*ck out of my house.
Best memory: When he was 13 he used a spear to kille a lion that was attacking him, purely luck, making it his first hunt, making him into a man, in the Alik'r point of view.
Worst memory: Watching his hometown burn.
Strenght: Archer, good with schimitars, agile, sneaky, intelligent, charismathic, dagger master.
Weaknesses: Curious, tend to figth when drunk, figth really bad when drunk, really maybe the worst fist-figther in all Hammerfell.
Weapons: Bow, arrows, dagger, two schimitars.
Companions: He once went to Stros'Mkai. There he met Fraencas, a Breton mage, and Gorom-Urak, an Orc Warrior, however, life separated them and sent each back to their homeland.
Challenges[/b: ]Now, the wish of adventuring, the loyality he feels to the Daggerfall Conveant and to the Crowns, plus the letter of his old friends, saying that they will meet him at Daggerfall, will make him leave the capital city of Hammerfell shortly...
[b]Religious views
: He was a follower of the ancent Yokudan religion, but his time in Stros'Mkai converted him into a Divines worshiper. He detests Daedric cults.
Political views: As his father, and his father's father, h is a loyal Crown, and, also a loyal member of the Daggerfall Conveant, beliving in Emeric's words. Anyway, politics is not really important in his life.
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