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Akiviri Dragonguard
Akiviri Dragonguard

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by thebeard10256.
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About Akiviri Dragonguard

Name: Akiviri Dragonguard
Gaming style: Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore
Timezone: Est
Community: Very social (we also support solo play if thats your thing)
Focus: End Game PvE
Requirements: Competitive Mindset , have read rules and Simple application

Akiviri Dragonguard is looking for members to swell its ranks for Launch.We are a social,friendly, competitive PvE Minded guild with some PvP splashed in.Our guild prides itself off of its community.We are a very social mature community with a Hardcore mindset. We like setting our goals high and helping our team come together to reach them.Our goal as a guild is to reach end game content and consistently clear it week by week, to get to this point we plan to work togethor and gear each other fairly so that we can come to end game content, fully gear our characters and be ready for what next patch holds.Our members are dedicated to three things, The Elder Scrolls series, the community and Competition. We strive to be competitive in everything we do. The basic building block of our guild is mutual respect. No matter how low in the guild you are you deserve the same respect the guild master would get.We are a community after all built to create Relationships, Weather they be Purely game based or actual friendships is completely up to you. We are all gamers after all from one aspect or another trying to accomplish the same task, and there is strength in numbers! One of our most unique aspects is that every individual has an opportunity to rise to the top of our ranks.Show dedication and loyalty to your guild members and see yourself rise within the ranks! One other unique aspect of our guild worth mentioning is our no cliques agreements.The only clique you should consider yourself in is your guild.That goes from the GM to the lowest rank in the guild.

We Hope to see you on our forms!
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