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Alator and the Council: part 3

Started by Archmage Alator
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The Caravan moved over the hill and now Chorrol became visible. And the army around it...

Alator saw thousands of Soldiers from the Covenant. The blue lion banners were flapping in the wind. As they got closer Alator said to Dular that now rode at his side "Sound our horns, I want them to know that we have arrived." Dular did as Alator bid him and the loud sound of the Councils horn echoed over the surrounding lands. A cheer rose up from the Soldiers as they rode past them.

The Caravan rode on a path between the tents until they got to an open space in the middle of the camp at the command tent. Alator said to Idainia "Find us a Place were we can set up our tents, please." Idania nodded and said "Yes Archmage.".

Alator saw that someone stepped out of the command tent and started Walking towards them. Alator jumped down from his horse and a smile appeared on his face. It was Tarnis Hawkfield, a Breton commander of the Covenant and one of Alators friends. Tarnis met him with a wide grin and patted him on the shoulder, Tarnis said "It has been too long old friend, we will need your men when wetake this city. Emeric wants Chorrol as a stronghold, and he will soon come down himself with our main army. Come follow me inside." Tarnis gestured with his had that Alator should follow, and as they walked towards the tent Alator asked "And what have you been up to, you look like you have been in an arguement with a bear....". It was actually not only a joke, Tarnis had several bandages and three fresh scars visible in his face. Tarnis burst ito laugther and said "That happened when an Ebonheart Pact army from Bruma entered the Highlands and tried to cut us of from the west. But we tricked them out from the Highlands with a small part of our army and took them in the rear with the rest of the army. I led the cavalry got involved in some Heavy fighting. Thats were I got my wounds. But we crushed them in the end, when I broke their lines the fighting turned into a confused slaughter. We assaulted Chorrol when the battle was done and here we are.".

Tarnis stepped in first in the command tent. Alator followed, the blue tent catsed blue shadows on Everything as the sun shined on it. In the middle was a map on a table surrounded by Three battle commanders discussing what would be best to do when they would storm Chorrols walls. They looked up as Tarnis and Alator stepped in.

Tarnis said "Let me introduce Alator Virane, the Archmage of the Council of Arcanea.", each of the commanders nodded as a greeting. Tarnis said "Togheter with him we will take this city!".

Alator took a look at the map and asked "What are the plans that you have made so far?". One of the commanders, a Redguard with a large black beard said "We are going to feign that we assault the nothern walls but our real strike will fall on the western gate..." Alator interrupted him and said "No, we want their whole attention. Chorrol is strongly defended by hundreds of men. It would be the best if we feigned an assault on a gate what will look as a massive assault. While some of our troops get up on the Eastern walls, a Place were they are lightly defended., or will be when most of their Soldiers hurries to the western walls. While our men assasults the Eastern gate in a massed attack, the defence will also be light there but stronger than were our men use ladders to get up on the wall. And here is were those on the wall comes in. They will take those that are defending the Eastern gate in the rear and open the gates from the inside, that or keep them busy long enough for the men outside the walls to get in. Anywayy that will give us a gate and free access to the city, then as what the Imperials are defending the western gate our forces will sweep in from the east and take them in the rear. They will be caught between the two parts of the army."

Tarnis nodded with a smile, the Redguard however looked not so happy... but he kept his silence. Alator asked Tarnis "So were do you want me old friend?". Tarnis said "I want that you will lead the forces that get up on the Eastern walls. I will command the western force and Kotaro *Tarnis looks at the Redguard* you will command the Eastern force attacking the gates, are we clear?". "Yes!" answered everyone in the tent at once.

Alator stayed for an hour in the command tent with planning for the attack. When he got out he inhaled some fresh air and looked around for the Council members.

In a distance he saw around thirty of the Councils tents with their banners. He started making his way through the camp to them, the camp was a maze of people and tents. But he found his way through the camp well enough. His tent already stood when he came. Alator saw that Mordynak were controlling Everything and gave everyoe in the Council that were there different duties.

Alator walked closer to them and said loudly "Listen up! Rest well today, we are going be a part of the Covenant assault on this city tomorrow! All hail Emeric!" the Council members started cheering.

Alator looked at the blue lion banner of the Covenant and he started thinking of the Order of the Black Worm, and their war with the Council. He said for himself as he entered his tent "And so begins the beginning of the end, one shall stand... and one shall fall. And if its our Destiny to fall, I shall take as many as I can of them down with me...".

The Archmage of the council of Arcanea.

We are openly recruiting, any Roleplayers in the Covenant who are looking for a Guild, this is the Guild for you
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A great story Alator, I particularly liked Alator's (the character) sentence at the end, very well done.

The Kynaran Order
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