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Alchemy Calculator

Started by schugs
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to post my beta version of an alchemy calculator.

It seemed most the resources i found online allowed me to test differnt combinations of pants, or to see the stats of specific plants, but what i really wanted was to be able to say “These are the stat(s) i want, what combinations will get me that?” so i created this tool.

Please note any bugs and feature requests here for now, and i will keep updating it! Thanks! Happy Hunting!


**Feature Requests**
-Show individual Plant Statistics when mousing over plant name/images
-Clear All Button
-Sort Stat List
-Add Stat Images next to effect names (images from game, if anyone is able to pull these i would love the help!)

-2 Plant Combinations showing all possible 3rd plant slots, bloating results when searching for small stat combinations
-Slow Page Performance – Will change to AJAX Loading of results
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