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All ALL Crafted Set Bonuses, Locations (with maps)

Started by Castielle101
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Aldmeri Dominion
Hey guys,

Just finished compiling all the info on crafted set bonuses and the special locations. Many people are aware of them, but no one seemed to have them all or have the maps or have all the locations...well you get the idea so I compiled them all into one.

^ is the link. Hope you find it useful. :)


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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
this is awesome, appreciate that u took your time to do this :D, ty

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GTK. Very useful. Thnx.

Skyrim conquerer. Morrowind and Oblivion vet. Long-time single-player computer gamer W/custom-made hi-perf OCd PC. Mostly RTS and a few action games.
Noob to MMOs.
Crappy satellite Internet very laggy pings 700-1000 not god for gaming, can't play most online games but ESO works good enough.
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Hey if you guys if you need a good levelling up guide I know a good site for you it shows the different Individual leveling paths for all factions
and Guide covers all of Tamrielnt. There is also a guide for World Of Warcraft to if you play it, you do have to pay though ($60) good price seeing as how it has everything, always being updated and if you don't know for sure at first there's a free trial you can do to see if you even like it or not at first so really there's nothing to loose. just use this link to get there - and it is legitimate, like legit.
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