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All we know about "The Elder Scrolls Online" - Part III

Started by Xeverus
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We are back with part III of the "All we know about The Elder Scrolls Online." In part III, all lore lovers can take the day off because this time we take a look at all we know about game mechanics. We talk about Graphics, computer requirements, combat, AI, PvP and PvE. The info we have at this point is sparse, so I will be updating the mechanics videos as more info is released. Till then we will continue to look at lore and the world of TES. Remember to comment on Elder-Realm or on the youtube channel “NickDKinHD”. We want you to be part of the creation process of these videos so tell us what you want to learn about so we can implement it in future videos.

You can read the article here! Cheers mates!

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