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Alvos Drin

Started by Son_Of_Resdayn
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Name- Alvos Drin

Titles - Disciple of the Tribunal Temple, House Indoril Noble, Morag Tong Assassin

Sex - Male

Race - Dunmer

Age - 31. He was born on 21st First seed 2E 552, in the Temple of Mournhold.

Occupation - Disciple of the Tribunal temple (future Patriarch), House Indoril Noble, Morag Tong Assassin, Buoyant Armiger.

Class- The Akaviri Invasion, training with Morag Tong Assassins, Redoran Armigers, and Ashlander warriors have taught him the skills necessary to become a Dragonknight, and have taught him skills in Duel Wielding, Alchemy, Medium armor, Armorer Skills, and others.

Faction - A staunch defender of Resdayn and its sovereignty. Sees the Ebonheart Pact as a necessary evil. Sees the Tribunal as powerful Spirits and Defenders of Resdayn, While the Deadra are the True Gods of the Dunmer. Respects House Redoran, Indoril, and Dres as the true Houses of Morrowind. Hates House Hlaalu and the Daggerfall Covenant.

Appearance - He is shorter than most Dunmer. He is of average body size. He has Crimson Red Eyes. His hair is black and braided into a Akaviri and old Dunmer style haircut and he has a light, trimmed beard. He has scars on his body and face, symbolizing his years of adventure and service in Vvardenfell, and has a House Redoran Tatoo on his chest, symbolizing his devotion to the House, since he fought for the house in Vvardenfell. He styles Medium Dunmer Armour, be it Indoril, Bonemold, Chitin, or netch leather, along with Duel-Wielding Two Dark Elf Blades.

Personality - A Nationalistic Dunmer by heart, he follows the teachings of the Tribunal, but is sceptic of their Divine Legitimacy. He greatly regards and worships the "Good Deadra" (Azura, Mephala, and Boethia) and he follows the challanges of the House of Troubles.
Alvos is a cruel killer, and he only sees to the interest of the Dunmer, and he cares not for the other races. He avoids argonians due to the Knahaten Flu. He hates Divine Worshipers. And he has special angst for Dunmer traitors (Dark Elves who betray the Dunmer and their traditions, i.e.: Political Traitors, Dark brotherhood Assassins, Divine Worshipping Dunmer, Necromancers, Bandits, Deserters)/

Social Background/Backstory - His father was the Patriarch of the Tribunal Temple, his mother an Indoril noble. Their marriage was to further establish Indoril and Temple dominance in Morrowind.
When Alvos turned 11, his mother died from the Knahaten flu. This made him wary of going into Black Marsh and communicating with argonians.

When Alvos was 20 years old, the Akaviri were invading Morrowind, he and his father had participated in that battle, Alvos served as an archer in that war, but he discovered a talant for Duel-Wileding which made him a distinguished soldier among the Dunemr Military.

When Alvos turned 21, he was to marry a Redoran noblewoman, whom he greatly loved. The marriage was to establish a temple alliance with house Redoran. At the day of their marriage, a couple of Divine worshippers who opposed the Temple attempted an assassination on Alvos and his father. Alvos killed the assassins, but was too late. The assassins murdered his father and his wife.

Following that experience, Alvos began studying temple and Deadra doctrine, and travelled to Vvardenfell, in hopes of finding those responsible for the assassination.
In Vvardenfell, Alvos completed various pilgrimages, joined the buoyant armigers to serve the Temple's interests in Vvardenfell. He later joined the Redoran branch of the Morag Tong, and decided to establish his base in Ald'Ruhn. After years of searching for the assassins, and after spending much time as a buoyant armiger, Alvos gained a good understanding of stealth, warfare, and Alchemy.

In his years of Service in Vvardenfell, Alvos disagreed with his companions of how they dealt with Ashlanders. he saw them as Worthy Dunemr, who are wise and knowledgeable, as opposed to the others seeing them as primitive and savage.

Later, As he searched for the assassins, he uncovered that they were members of the newly formed Daggerfall Covenant looking to weaken Morrowind. He tracked their associates to House Hlaalu nobles in the Odai region. Alvos assassinated them over time, and after finishing off with the Hlaalu associates, he decided to return to his other duties.

After the crisis with Molag Bal ensued, The Temple began sending Buoyant Armigers to eradicate vampires, Necromancers, and Molag Bal worshippers. Alvos was being sent to many different Temple Raids, slaying necromancers, Deadric Worshippers, and Vampires in Vvardenfell.

At a large temple raid of a Molag Bal deadric tomb, Alvos was caught by Mannimarco, and had his soul stolen from him. The other Armigers and warriors, whom were Alvos' friends, were slayed. Alvos is 31 now, and his ESO story begins.

Best Memory - Memories with his family and friends in Mournhold and Deshaan. Learning the ways of the Ashlanders. his adventures and pilgrimages in Vvardenfell.

Worst Memory - His mother's death, the death of his father and wife. The deaths of his friends in various battles in Vvardenfell.

Skills - Alvos Drin is skilled in Dual wield, Alchemy, Crafting, medium armor, and sneak. He is a skilled explorer and assassin.

Challenges for the Character - His fear of blight, corpus and knahaten flu diseases. His distrust for other races and his Dunemri Nationalism. His fear of Vampirism and necromancy. His hatred for the divines and their worshippers.
The four corners of the house of troubles.

Birthsign - The Serpent

Religious Views - He devoutly worships the Tribunal gods (as protectors of Morrowind) and the "Good Daedra". He hates the Aedra and their worshippers.

Political Views- Follows the Tribunal and the great Houses, does not answer to Jorunn the Skald king or the argonian leaders. Dislikes the alliance but deems it nessecery. Wants to see Morrowind independent and prosperous. His mother's death caused him to dislike argonians. His father and wife's death caused him to hate Divine worshippers, the Daggerfall Covenant, and House Hlaalu.
Serving the Morag Tong caused him to hate the Dark Brotherhood. He also hates traitors of Morrowind.
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