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am curious as to why most mmo gamers are having doubts about the elder scrolls online

Started by GNL Deathwing
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oks so as you all know I am new to this forum and am a huge elder scrolls online fan have played oblivion and skyrim never had the chance to play the others but im fond of the game and am very excited myself for the elder scrolls online game currently am stuck on swtor till the game comes out when I can perma switch over however whilst sitting in the imperial fleet of star wars the old republic I happen to see someone ask if anyone was excited for the elder scrolls online and the general chat just blew up with negativity towards the game and not givin it a chance befor it even comes out most of the comments about how the game is a subscription based model or about how its combat is similar to other elder scrolls games rather then be like your typical wow mmo my questions are as follows

1. whats with people judging a game based off it being a subscription model?

2. why judged a game based off the type of combat it has? I mean so what if it has a system that takes slightly bit more skill to use then your typical mmo

3. over whats becoming of gamers nowdays? 5 years ago no one ever hardely complained about crap like that

idk mb its just me but any info or answers people can provide to help me understand would be greatly appreciated ty all in advance for the responses
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