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Amaund Nathans

Started by MLGjorge
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Firstname - Amaund
Surname - Nathans
Title - Secunda's Mouthpiece
Sex - Male
Race - Breton/Redguard
Age - 36
Occupation - Bard,Merchant , Alchemist and Sword trainer
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Amaund is very tall , He towers over most Altmer and has a wide chest and burly thick legs and quite a belly , Not overweight but not the skinniest folk around He has dark blonde hair , Big green eyes , A short beard and a sort of square head
Personality - Charismatic , Outgoing , Clumsy and has alot of self doubt
Social Background/Backstory - Amaund was born to a breton father and a redguard mother they lived in the southernmost part of skyrim , His mother was a blacksmith and his father owned a meadery , He worked in his dads meadery since he was 15 , Customers loved him because of his charisma and his hilarious jokes . He did not care for his immense height and strength , Words were more important for him. Soon after he stopped working at his fathers meadery he went to the bards college to study writing , history and singing he believed these things would help him in the future . After that he moved to Stros m'kai where he played in a drum band inside a bar , Customers loved him , He was earning a steady income but not enough so he practiced with his blade once he got really good at it , He took local mercenary work and got even better at it , to the point where he himself became a sword trainer. He had made enough money to open a bar in Hammerfell and he did just that , He made lots of coin he employed the local tough guys to to protect his bar from any drunk "Brawlers" , A little debt left the local tough guys banging on his door asking him for coin or they would tear amaund apart , Luckily amaund had taken some sword lessons , He got lucky enough to kill 2 of them and fatally wound 3 others, In fear from trouble with the guards amaund dumped the bodies in the river and headed north to high rock where he trained in alchemy and did some mercenary work for a living , When he finished that and he had nothing to do and nothing to lose , He decided to enlist in the daggerfall covenant , He believes his expertise and wide array of skills will contribute to the covenants power , He is looking to be a full time adventurer and soldier.
Best Memory - Every time he makes somebody laugh.
Worst Memory - Losing his bar because of debt
Skills - Speech , Alchemy , Blade and Light armor
Challenges for the Character - Making a steady income
Birthsign - the lord
Religious Views - Too concerned about how to make a good living to even think about it
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