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Amaund Storm-Quencher

Started by Ri'Do'Ja
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Name: Amaund Storm-Quencher

Race: Breton

Age: 20

Origin: Daggerfall

Birth-sign: The Mage

Occupation: Mage, member of the Daggerfall Covenant, and member of the Mage’s Guild

Relatives: None that he wishes to speak of… His parents were necromancers who preformed dark experiments in front of him and on him. Eventually, he was forced to participate in the experiments himself, which is why he is good with Restoration (experiments on vampires and undead), Destruction (experiments on everything else) and Conjuration (summoning Daedra and reanimating the dead). He hates his parents so much that he will not associate himself with his family name and took one that seemed right to him.

Brief description of appearance: Amaund is of average height for a Breton; he is pale and has black hair and brown eyes. He is also skin and bones.

Weaponry: Amaund is very good with Destruction, Conjuration, and Restoration all of which he uses in battle. He also dual wields daggers as a last resort. He is working on getting better at “battle spells” from the school of Alteration (paralyze, dragon, ebony, iron, stone, oak hide) instead of spells like detect, transmute, water breathing, telekinesis, etc.

Armour/Clothing: Amaund wears mage robes, the best variety he can find. Over his robes he will wear a cloak if it is really cold out and to appear less dangerous then he is.

Religious Point of View: Amaund does not believe that the Aedra should be worshipped; after all they didn’t help him get away from his parents.

Political Point of View: Amaund’s a member of The Council of Arcanea and the Daggerfall Covenant. He looks forward to seeing Emeric on the throne.

Loves: Magic, reading, drawing, knowledge

Hates: Necromancy, his parents, the undead and reanimated.

Strengths: Amaund is smart, good with magic and will always follow through on his promises. He is also always willing to give people a place to spend the night.
Weaknesses: Amaund can be arrogant, mean, and rude sometimes. This mostly happens around necromancers. He also is terrified of the dark, and will refuse to go in the dark without people and/or magelight/candlelight. He is absolutely horrible with Illusion.

Companions: Amaund is the apprentice of Theodyne Robillard and can usually be found at his side. If need be he knows that he can always get help from fellow members of the Council of Arcanea. He likes to travel with others, but will travel by himself if need be, except into the dark.

Notable relationships: Amaund looks up to Theodyne, and Alator and will do almost anything to please them. He doesn’t have any close friends, but is looking to change that. He also has a hard time trusting people, due to his parents, but

Rumours (true and untrue):

1. Multiple people have called Amaund a magical prodigy.
2. Amaund spends most of his free time practicing enchantments.
3. Amaund will go out of his way to hunt vampires.
4. Amaund believes that sneaking is for cowards and will never do it.
5. His favorite spell is fireball.
6. He hates writing and has vowed to not keep a journal.
7. Amaund is a collector of old and rare spell tomes.
8. He enjoys sketching out battle plans to take over a keep or win a battle.
9.He likes his room to be super organized.
10. Amaund considers himself a failure, for not escaping his parents earlier, not having close friends , having trouble with Illusion, and not being the most powerful mage ever.

EDIT: Amaund will be a werewolf, I have not decided how yet, maybe in a current or future RP.
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