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An actual point system display.

Started by Valfurium
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I am really curious with how you add points to your toon and assume with the beta comes that information. I am very excited to hear the new info. I have searched for this information but i hate to say it. Theres not alot of it out there (at least i havent found it). If you have any of this info could you throw it my way? Im not looking for a book just the sources so i can read it. TY!!

Basically how attributes and skills seperate (Magika/health/Stam compared to Archery / One handed and so on.

I also understand it really should come with the open beta not the closed. If you do disclose the info from a closed beta Then that breaks the agreement i think. I dont think this site would care for that.

Just answered my question. Heres alot of info.
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Every Level up, you put points in your Big three: (Health, Stamina, Magicka)
Apparently, each of the three has a skill tree based on the stat. (Melee DPS for Stam, Tanking for HP, Various Magic with Magicka)

You get to level up in your weapon/magic trees, which might give skills aswell (not sure)

Your Archetype also opens up skill trees.

Also, skills themselves can branch off into different versions:
E.G., Fireball becomes two fireballs, or one big fireball (just an example, not an actual skill)

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