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An Altmer Warrior

Started by Thorfinn
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact
Firstname: Ysrien (Subject to change)
Surname: Tothreign
Sex: Male
Age: 167
Birthsign: The Lord, 2E 415 First Seed
Occupation: Warrior
Faction: The Aldmeri Dominion

Religious Views: Ysrien is a deeply faithful mer, worshiping the Nine Original divines, Stendarr in particular, who is his patron god. He also worships Trinimac, the champion elven deity.

Political Views: Ysrien is a warrior of the Almeri Dominion, and bearer of an old elven name that has been since before these stripling humans and bestial lizards and cats came to be civilised.

Appearance: Ysrien is some 6’7, muscular but not especially heavily built. Golden skin, almond eyes and long white hair leave one in no doubt that he is an Altmer. He wears a neutral expression on his unscarred face, though this often and easily changes to wry and mocking.

Equipment: Elegant light elvish armour, burnished silver with crisp patterns inlaid in silver along the edges and rims. Deep red and blue cloth is visible. He also carries an elegant great war axe, arcing steel of the very finest kind and decorated with golden inlay. Secondary weapons include and curved dagger and an Elven longbow. He also wears an elegant and finely made amulet of Stendarr around his neck.

Personality: Ysrien possesses a very Altmer hauteur, looking down with indulgence and a little disdain on the lesser races. Humans are childish and rather annoying, the more debased mer a disappointment, and the bestial races, well, they need to be shown their place. To him, elven supremacy is both self-evident and correct.

Skills: A masterful warrior with great experience and no little natural talent. He knows a little magic, spells such as Magelight and Muffle which might prove useful.

Background: Ysrien comes from the distinguished Tothriegn family, old Aldmeri blood. In his youth he travelled widely, and often goes into Tamriel to obtain rare and intriguing books which he loves to pursue in his extensive library. He has two sibling, an elder brother and younger sister, with whom he gets along with well.

This was inspired by the Altmer Warrior from some of the TESO website pictures. I hope to fill out his life and maybe make some small changes, but this is the bones of it. The name is something I'm by no means sure about.
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