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An Eagle Over Solitude

Started by Miasmador
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You perch on the very end of the cliff that Solduiran sits on, feeling the wind tug at you. You survey the land down below you, the rolling hills, dotted with trees, and the soft, velvets waters by the. Finally the wind becomes too much to your small frame and, shaking your feathers, you launch yourself of the harsh, grey stone into the fresh air. You soar miles above the ground, letting out a cry as you slowly make a circle, your wings staying almost perfectly still. You can feel the wind on you face, blowing past your beak, and ruffling your feathers as you search the ground for food. You spot a mouse in the docks and drop suddenly, wings by your side and plummeting towards the docks where your prey is nibbling at a dirty chunk of bread. Silently you spread your wings as you fall, slowing down a meter above the ground before suddenly turning upwards and flying back into the sky, you powerful wings beating at the air as the mouse squeaks in panic as you hold it in your beak. You perch on the top of a tower to eat you catch, first breaking its bones before tilting your head back, spreading your wings and eating it whole. For a while you watch the small human children running in between the human stone dwelling. So slow, they would never feel the wind on their face as they flew miles above the hard ground, never plummeting to their death. Finally you lift of again and they stop to gawp at you and give cries of, "An eagle! Wow..." You ignore them and slowly flap your wings, soaring towards the milky white clouds that are strewn across the sky like the bushes of Skyrim off the beaten path. You can hear the shrill squawking of the seagulls below you and, as you glance down, you see they are fighting over a piece of salmon. You swoop down, straight towards them, and they break apart, crying out noisily in protest before strutting of towards the marketplace where they will no doubt find some type of food to satisfy their hunger for a while. Gracefully you eat the salmon before hopping towards a rock in the shade. You sit there for awhile, stomach full, before lifting off again. As you have had your fill of food for the day you contentedly fly above the great stone city of Solitude for awhile, studying the building far below you. You stretch out your wings to their full extent and shoot forwards, diving and swooping in a joy unknown to humans. Suddenly, though, you hear a curious whistling sound next to you and a dark, thin shape goes shooting past you... Was that a stick? You hear another whistling and a sharp pain ricochets through your body. You can feel blood dripping from the hole the arrow has made in your body. You plummet to your death quickly, your proud, beautiful body going limp and your vision going blurry, before turning black. You last thought is of the chicks, your chicks, that lay in the nest at home.

Diary of a hunter no. 59,
Eagle stew tonight!
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