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An Imperial's Tale (Story)

Started by Horizon Seeker
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This is a continuation of a character I made in The Restless Feet Inn (Open Roleplay) thread. I'll admit I'm not the strongest of writers, but figured I'd work on it and try to improve. This will be a three part story.


Part I: The Road Home

[Image: TheRoadHome.jpg]

The night upon Cyrodil was cold and bitter as Amentius Mero, an Imperial dressed in simple traveler clothing, made his way along the road. He had left the Restless Feet Inn far behind, and the Imperial City even farther. It was his plan to make that distance even greater.

In his scabbard was a steel short sword, one crafted specifically for use by Imperial legionnaires. But he wasn’t one of them, not anymore. His ten years of service amongst their ranks had recently passed, and he was allowed to return to his home to begin a normal life. It was a prospect he had been looking forward to for quite some time.

Years ago he had made a promise to a young woman, Clara Faleria, that when he returned from the Legion he would marry her and that they would live a happy life together. He planned to keep that promise no matter what, and held the memory of his beloved Clara close to his heart. The thought of her waiting for him kept him going through the most inhospitable lands and through the most dangerous battlefields. Even when all seemed lost, he would not lose hope if only he could return to her arms.

Now he drew closer to her family’s farmstead, nestled within the wilderness of Cyrodil. He had weathered so much and traveled so far. Soon he would see her again and all will be well. They would leave Cyrodil, which had grew darker and more sinister in the past few years, and head to distant more peaceful lands such as High Rock or Hammerfell. There they would start a family and avoid all the war and bloodshed.

In a hand he clutched at a necklace nervously. He planned to give it to Clara as a gift, a present to show that he cared for her. It was a silver necklace embedded with an amethyst stone that he had purchased before he left the Imperial City. It may not have been as exquisite as the golden jewelry that great nobles wore but it was all he could afford. He hoped that she would like it anyways.

As the silhouette of the farm came into sight in the distance, a strange fear gripped the Imperial. He was anxious to finally see her of course, but this was different. It was the feeling of terror. Back at the Restless Feet Inn he had been told rumors of the undead and people disappearing in the region. He had dismissed them as merely rumors, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps they were true.

As he drew closer to his destination, he hoped that he would see the soft glow of a lantern light with Clara Faleria waiting for him in the doorway with open arms. But what he found instead was quite different.

There in the moonlight he saw the Faleria residence; the front door was wrenched right off its hinges, claw marks scarred the wooden frame, and inside echoed deathly silence. Amentius could only stare with eyes wide open as the necklace fell from his hand.
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