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An Interview with a Dwemer: Volume I (Chapter 2)

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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Chapter 2

I slept on the cold hard ground that night. Not much had been said that evening and the room reeked of an uncomfortable silence. When laid myself down to sleep, Rzaik was still up. When I rose the next morning I found him awake again.

This was the first time I had seen him without his helmet on. His skin was a pale grey, like a Dunmer’s only it seemed so much different from any Dunmer’s I had ever seen. Rzaik’s eyes were blue like the stone on his armor. No doubt a trait inherited from his father, who was a Snow Elf but I wouldn’t that for sometime. A short black curly beard sat on his chin. Long black curls pulled back into a pony rested on his head. Now I know I am an old man but he looked young.

I offered to make breakfast from the supplies I carried with me. Then he said something that caught rather off guard. “In my time I never had to worry about trivial tasks such as cooking or cleaning. Now that all that has changed I am forced to learn them. They are quite,” he would pause as if to try to find a missing word that had blanked from his mind, “tedious.”

S: You’ve never cooked? Now days everyone seems to know how to cook, I guess it must be a survival thing.

R: Yes, we had slaves, and automations. They made things more convenient.

S: Slaves? Like the Falmer?

He nodded his head at the word Falmer. His big metal outside side seemed to be melting away. Maybe he realized how alone he really was. Maybe he was just being to trust me.
R: Yes, they took care of such things allowing the better minds to work and focus on discovery.

S: Oh, I see. Why did you choose me to do this? I am no king or scholar. What do I have to offer someone like… you?

I do not know why I asked that question and I regretted it as I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer.

R: A king would wish to use as weapon over his foes. A scholar would wish to know the secrets of the Dwemer and no doubt wish to duplicate them. You are a simple man and gain only knowledge and satisfaction from this. Your intentions are not malicious like the others.

I was a little flattered at what he said. But I knew there was something else he wasn’t telling me. The thought, however, was tabled for later discussion as my imagination began to get the better of me.

S: Where you at Red Mountain?

I began to curse myself for saying that. I had a way of making myself look the part of a fool in a court of the dim-minded. So I could only imagine what this elf, a Dwemer no less, thought of me and my questions.

R: No. I was not a warrior then.

S: What were you then?

R: An Architect.

S: A Tonal Architect like Kagrenac?

R: No. I was a simple shaper of steels. I did not dabble in such sciences then. I merely designed mechanics and structures. Kagrenac was a madman. Though, I am impressed that you know of his name.

S: I have read much on the subject on your people, even speaking to Vivec of the Tribunal. I even sought out his tomb once.

R: A foolish thing to do.

S: Yes I know. There was no body because of what he did at Red Mountain.

Rzaik wouldn’t respond to this. His blue eyes looked at the floor. I had been sitting at table scribbling furiously while he sat on a stone bed across the room. Silence had come back but this time I was determined to not let it stay long.
S: You know you are not the only Dwemer left. There is one more. His name is Yagrum Bagarn.

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This. along with Chapter 1, certainly provides a unique perspective on the dwemer. I'm sure it's quite exciting to write about something so mysterious and lost.


When I said in another thread that you should go ahead and pursue your creative writing on dwemer, I was thinking of stories like Azura and the Box. This type of story allows you to see how a dwemer might act, but also preserves much of their mystery and wonder by not going into specific details.

While the way you interpret the dwemer is of course your own writing, it's formatted in a very matter-of-fact manner due to it's direct presence as a personal interview rather than say a mythical fable or tavern tale. This is only solidified by anchoring it onto one of your characters, Solduiran Long-Finger, who has had interactions with some of our own characters. As a result there's a connection, since Solduiran exists in the same world as our characters, then that must mean Rzaik exists and as such is a truthful representation of the Dwemer. This may be of course not what you mean to do-- but that's how it may be interpreted.

There's a few details that reveal the mysterious dwemer, and it seems like there will be more as more chapters come along. But each fact kind of takes away that mystery. We're not exactly certain if dwarves didn't cook or clean themselves. We don't know who exactly forged the aetherium that started a massive war. This makes the interview kind of tough to read if you're a fan of the dwemer, since your ideas disperse away other ideas.

Also Rzaik is also a very special character. The type of special which may ruffle the ire of some RPers and lore lovers. He's special in that he avoided the disappearance of the dwarves, so that makes him almost a legendary historic figure. And he's special in that he's half-Falmer, something that is likely not common even back in the first era. As Yagrum Bagarn is widely known as the only dwemer to have not have vanished in the incident-- it may appear that you're trying to insert your own piece of history into known canon.

As you can see, most of these issues arise from dispelling the mystery in a very research-based factual manner. It might be best making a very clear OOC disclaimer at the start of each chapter; or sort of make it in a way that these interviews are merely rumored to have happened. That way it doesn't have that sense of having to be truthful, and is vague so it settles with readers better.

I mean it's certainly not a bad story, but its entire premise can be off-putting.
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