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An Oblivion story

Started by Beowulf
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Amozabael and Sapphire,

An Oblivion story

A lone Daedra sat in his cage, feeling more like an animal than a demon.

The Daedra was named Amozabael, and he was in this cage for a sentence he didn’t deserve, and he was given a punishment with being able to prove his innocence. His cage was small, and it hung directly over a sea of boiling lava, that swayed and curved like a snake performing a dance to allure its enemy, then to strike with poison in its jaws. He was captured in a small island surrounded by the lava, a realm his Lord Dagon had made just for him, and the little island was consumed with other Daedra that would take turns to take their part in Amozabael’s punishment to use the whip. Clanfears, Flame Atronochs, and Daedra mages along with battle Daedra were the only creatures that were on the island. Clanfears were dinosaur-looking creatures with the head of a triceratops, along with the body of a T-rex. The only breed of Clanfear on the island with the other Daedra were the runts. They were exactly the same as their kin, yet they had the maximum height of an adult human.

Flame Atronochs were beasts of pure flame, their bodies in the shape of a woman, yet their skin cooled lava. Their eyes were a savage shade of amber, their claws sharper than the finest of steel. They knew little in the use of magic, yet they cast evil fire balls that would burn the flesh below the protection of the best armor.

The Daedra mages and warriors looked like normal humans from the back, but once they turned around, they had horns at the ends of their foreheads that looked like a twisted Kris. Their skin was black with red streaks that were embedded in their flesh and they had the temper of Nightmares, whom they ride. The warriors wore armor that was as deep a color as blood with black embroidery around the edges. A single red mace was strapped onto their backs, the steel a rusted color from the dried blood.

Amozabael wasn’t all too different. He had the same skin and the same horns as all the other Daedra. He too was a brave warrior, yet he was stripped of his armor and his weapons long before he was sent to the island, making him completely naked within the small little prison.

Another painful day arose, and Amozabael sat in his cage, tiredly. Oh, how he longed to smash in the face of the other Daedra who hurt him so! Amozabael looked down into the bubbling lava, and he suddenly felt a deep longing to fall to his burning death. It would be swift and painless- No. He couldn’t die just yet. Too many Daedra to kill…

He looked to the side of his cage to see a mage and a warrior speaking, close to his cage. Amozabael sighed.

So what if their talking? There is nothing that I could possibly use to my advantage, but- He pressed his ear against the blazing metal bars, straining to hear. It doesn’t hurt to be curious.

The two passed useless information, most Amozabael couldn’t catch, which he didn’t mind, but when he almost slumped to the bottom of his cage the mage said,

“I heard there was a dark elf in the other world that is sensitive to us Daedra. I don’t really know what to believe. Many say it is just a myth, yet I don’t really know if I am ever truly alone… I can’t find anything in my books, but there’s simply something listening to us…” His voice was deep, and it hissed like a snake about to strike, but there was a hint of worry. The other Daedra laughed loudly, yet it was more sickening than any laugh Amozabael had ever heard.

“You pathetic and simple little mage! Do you really think there is someone in the other realm that can connect with us? Bah! No one can do that. Go back with your spells and your tomes instead of sniveling like a human babe!” The warrior scoffed, seeming to toss the mage aside like a filthy had rag.

The mage snorted, like an angry child refusing to back down from his mother, turned on his heel and walked away from the warrior Daedra, walking with his nose slightly raised and his black cloak blowing gently around him. The warrior Daedra simply scoffed and the childish mage and did the same, leaving Amozabael alone in his prison once more.

By this time, his ear had been burned almost straight through to his skull and he was quick to remove it from the bars. He had what information he needed, but none of it made sense. Who was this dark elf that the mage spoke of? And why did he shake and quiver like that? He too had heard the rumor, before he was imprisoned, that there was a elf in the humane world of Cyrodiil that was unusually attuned to Daedra and their homes. As far as he knew, the elf himself was a bustard child a male Daedra had with dark elf female.

Amozabael laughed at the thought.

Bastard children of Daedric fathers were no surprise, and the mothers, usually raped, would end up drowning themselves or simply killing the child as soon as it was born to try and relieve themselves the burden of having a Daedric child. Or, perhaps this occasion falling into this category as well, the mother was proud of being chosen and would raise the child a proper Daedra would be trained, but they would have one weakness: pity. Whole Daedra were trained to not carry the burden of pity in what they killed, and were only taught the ways of the warrior, including Daedric females.

Amozabael leaned heavily on the burning metal that pressed against his scored back, yet he was used to it, knowing what the heat felt on his skin. He allowed himself to get as comfortable as possible within the tight space he had, and think. He wanted to know more about the peculiar elf, where he lived, who he was, and anything else he could think of, and was in hopes that he would have the key needed for his escape. He needed armor, a weapon, and the way out. And although he hated saying so, but he needs to be saved, to find someone who will actually break him out of this hell hole. The one thing he couldn’t have; was to have a female come and save his scored hide.

Sapphire sat in her chambers, writing spell contents on an open scroll with a fine feather. Her white hair was tied in a single pony tail, to keep it out of her eyes as she wrote, while her bright blue eyes watching the quill write each and every letter, all of them being precise and well written. She lived in Dragons Keep, a tower very close to the Imperial City, the main city, in Cyrodiil. The tower was very large, and although Sapphire and enough items to fill the empty tower, she was the only living being that lived and moved inside. She heard low and deep laughter from the other chamber, showing that her companions were having plenty of fun with their conversations, spreading rumors and thoughts about the other cities in Cyrodiil. She kept many, but few lived in the same tower with her. She had two companions in her present home, all that share a huge room together, and all of them were excellent in what they did. Mystique was the most talkative of the two, as well as the most motherly, yet she was shard with both a sword and a bow. She was a High Elf, like Sapphire, and had a rounder face than the normal High Elves and her hair was longer. It seemed to flow like spider’s thread, and a sweet golden as the sun, her eyes being such as sweet blue that they stood out against her hair. She helped Sapphire gather herbs for her spells to help abide her time when she wasn’t hunting for the three that lived inside the large tower.

Her second companion, and last, was also a female, and her name was Talitha. She was a cat-like person, with her unusual shortness; she went to Mystique’s shoulder, her cat ears and her long slender tail. She was very quick and nimble, making her a keen archer as well as a very good acrobat. She was the one who traveled the most with Sapphire when she went out to runes are caves, and proved to be a very good companion to have at her side. She was a keen archer, and was wonderful to have around. She was very helpful, and she was extremely sweet, something that her other companion seemed to have lacking slightly.

Sapphire continued writing in her scroll, proceeding to write every ingredient she needed for a healing spell. Most of the contents consisted of meats, including boar meat, venison, and the rare wolf meat, and also including some fruits, pears, grapes, and watermelon alike. Sapphire didn’t exactly enjoy gathering the meats; she left that to both Talitha and Mystique, while she stepped outside of Dragon’s Keep to gather the other necessary ingredients. She had written all sorts of spells, however all of them were absorbing spells. She was not one for weaponry, and she loathed hurting another creature no matter how crude it may be. As she finished writing the final word onto the thick paper, coiled it, and placed the seal of a dragon, to represent Dragon’s Keep, Talitha had walked through the room and was now at her side looking over her shoulder. She was in her full enchanted fur armor, and had her bow strapped to her back. Her keen golden eyes looked over the seal, her bright blonde hair tilting to the side as her head followed.

“You’re working too hard, you know that. I’m sure people can wait for their scrolls, no matter how dire the situation, and you need to get your rest. You haven’t slept in days, and both Myst and I are worried.” She said, her cat ears dropping slightly as she finished her sentence.

“That is very sweet of you to say, but I put other’s well being before my own, and I enjoy helping them. And besides, knowing that my scrolls are actually getting used is very good for me to know. I’d hate to think that my work isn’t getting used, I’ve read too much for that” Sapphire said, giggling quietly to herself.

Talitha’s ears remained drooped.

“It still doesn’t matter. You come first in my book, and I think that Myst agrees with me.” She complained, her tail thrashing behind her, seeming to influence her statement.


“No buts, Sapphire. You get to go to bed.” A light, yet strict, voice said.

Talitha and Sapphire looked towards the doorway to find Mystique leaning against the frame, wearing her full steal armor with her enchanted sword at her hip.

“Myst, there’s no need to be so-“

“Don’t say another word Tali. You and I both know how long Sapphire hasn’t slept, and I can tell that you are just as worried about her that I am.” Mystique said, walking to the other side of Sapphire and placing an armored hand on her shoulder. “You haven’t slept until Mondas, and do you know what day it is?” She said, looking at her sternly.

“Um, does it-“

“It’s Loredas, and you haven’t written more than two scrolls non stop! Is your precious sleep worth this labor? Don’t answer. Tali and I will go ahead and answer for you-” She looked to Talitha, who nodded in response as the two both looked to the very worried High Elf.

“SLEEP!” They cried, causing Sapphire’s ears to ring and their voices echoing in her mind like deadly wraiths.

“Alright, alright! I’ll sleep! You two are so good at influencing others at doing what you want them to do...” Sapphire complained, rubbing her pointed ears as she gently pushed back her chair from her desk and stood, her white gown following as it dragged behind her. “I’ll sleep, so please don’t worry you two…You should get your sleep as well…Dawn is close, and I don’t do yell in your ears as you’ve done to me…”

Talitha and Mystique giggled as they nodded, leaving the room to give Sapphire some time alone.

She smiled after her close companions, and she started to undress once she heard the door latch. She changed into her sleeping gown of white silk that barely reached past her hips, and gently covered her breasts. She walked to her dresser and expertly braided her long silver hair to try and keep out as many of the morning knots as possible. Once that was accomplished, she walked to her bed and gently laid underneath the golden spider’s silk sheets, allowing her head to rest on her plush pillow as she heard quiet voices from the other room.

“You know, I think Sapphire needs a husband, or some good male to take care of her…You know we can’t be with her forever…” A sweet and gentle voice said, Sapphire recognizing it was Talitha’s.

“You can say that again…She makes us both worry when she does stuff like this, and it’s so troublesome to know that she won’t stop unless we yell at her or force her to do it…She’s just too soft, and she’s too sweet…” The other voice replied, sounding like Mystique’s.

“But where is she going to find someone like that? Males just don’t fall out of the sky you know…” Talitha said, her voice sounding so sad that Sapphire could imagine her ears dropped with her tail following.

“That may be certain, but that’s none of out concern right now. We just get to take care of our friend until she does find that person, no matter how long that may be.” Mystique replied.

With that, the High Elf allowed sleep to take over her, her final thoughts bringing a very slight sadness.

That person doesn’t exist…No one is ever going to be that sweet to me, no matter how long I may search… All I can do now is hope for the best, and pray for Arkay to allow me a pleasant death for serving him to my last breath…
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