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An Orc with a brain

Started by Nicklas
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Don't know if it's detailed enough, but feel free to add or comment to it!

Firstname –

Surname –

Title –

Sex –

Race –

Age –

Occupation –
Wandering battlemage

Faction –
Joined several but none in particular

Appearance –
Small build Orc, green skin and small tusk. Shaved hair and flat nose.

Personality –
He is a nice fellow, quiet and reserved. Slow to trust but highly loyal.

Social Background/Backstory –
Lear Gro-Nar grew up in a little stronghold south of Spring near Dragonstar on the border of Hammerfell. His mother was the third and most recent wife of the chieftain. His father was a great warrior, very proud of his skills to a point where none of his son had yet challenged him. Compared to him, Lear was nothing. He was the unlucky child. Of smaller build, he was quite bad at physical prowess and smithing. He simply was way more proficient with is head than his hands. He couldn’t be further apart from the rest of the clan. Pariah among the pariah.
When he was 12 a particularly rough summer had just ended in the region. Every city was wondering how they would be able to pass the few next months. Skyrim was unable to provide and Cyrodiil was pretty much giving all of his food to south Hammerfell. The north was completely dependent on High Rock resources but the Breton was charging the price for it. Dragonstar knew they did not have much choice to provide the population; they would have to sack some of High Rock cities for resources. While they were marching toward Spring, they decided to ransack Lear little stronghold for everything they could find. The battle was quick. There was 10 Redguard for 1 Orc. The chieftain was shouting orders everywhere, but no one was following them, simply charging at enemies randomly. The fact that the chieftain was giving his orders 20 feet into the enemy lines, surrounded by enemies yeilling has loud as him might have been the reason for such lack of cohesion among the troops. When the stronghold was pretty much only ashes, the survivors retreated. Lear, his mother, one of his brothers made it with the few survivors. They were aiming Spring, but Lear convinced the group that it was useless, it was certainly the next target of the Redguards. So they traveled to the nearest stronghold as fast as they could. The Orcs there welcome them quickly. The remaining survivors had only one craving… vengeance. Every Orcs there agreed and an expedition was established in matter of hours. Seeing how quickly they were gathering to leave, Lear came to the chieftain. Telling him that simply charging the enemies could only result in bloodshed. This Orc was nothing like his father, he listen carefully to Lear arguments. He did agree like the others that a good death, warhammer in the hands, was a respectable way to die, he knew that Lear was right. He listens to the young boy’s suggestions and decided that is was better to ambush the Redguards on the way back to Dragonstar than going directly to Spring to join the fight there. Following a new strategy, his troops marched successfully on the remaining Redguards as they were getting back to their city after their sack of Spring.

Despite having earned the chieftain respect, Lear was not so welcomed in the stronghold. The refugee were allowed to join the tribe or leave, but Lear was just not fitting in. Everyone simply thought he was a shame and dishonoring the clan with is weak skills. A young male named Yag even asked for a "blood price" from Lear for being such a disgrace to them all. Normally such request wouldn’t have been acknowledge, but no one in the stronghold thought it was worth opposing the demand. The chieftain simply looked the other way as Yag was claiming his right. Lear had no choice but to accept. Yag showed up, in full heavy armor wielding a massive warhammer, ready to seek retribution for what he thought was legitimate. Lear was simply in leather clothes, wielding a wood shield and a bag of something. Yag eyes were staring at him with disdain. Without blinking, he charged, lifting his warhammer as easily has if it was made of wood. Lear simply threw the bag at Yag’s face. In a swift movement Yag wreck the bag with his weapon. The slimy substance inside splattered all over him. Not even blinking or stopping, the orc was still on track. While protecting his face with the shield, Lear simply sent a flame spell at Yag, setting him on fire. He then started dancing around, shield-bashing Yag from every angles. The young orc was trying to extinguish the flames amplified with the oil he had just coverd himself with. Inflicting himself as much damages with is heavy gauntlets as the fire itself. With a pretty strong bash, Lear sent his opponent on the ground. In a swift movement, he drew a dagger hidden inside his boot and impaling Yag’s ponytail in the ground. Lear got back up and with a mean look on his face simply packed his things. A few hours later he was far away, to never be heard of again from them.

He was tired of the pictures his kind was showing to the world. Mere brutes with no brains. He wanted his peoples to be acknowledged and respected. He wanted them to be united and free. United as one incredible force instead of chaotic little fractions of almost barbaric tribes. He wanted to show the world that an Orc could be both strong and intelligent. That an Orc cohesive army could be unstoppable. He wanted to show to everyone, including his own kind what Orcs could really become. The world was waiting for him and he was ready for it…

Best Memory –
Yag’s defeat at his hand. For him, it was the win of the brain over the muscles.

Worst Memory –
The sack of his village by the Redguards

Skills –
Light armor, shield and mace or spells.

Challenges for the Character –
He is an Orc who think before acting. He doesn’t just jump into combat. He prefers to divide strategy to deal with the enemy. He isn’t has strong and proficient with weapons as other Orcs, but he compensate with higher tactics and the use of some magic when needed.

Birthsign –

Religious Views –
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