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And Then There were None (sample, please give feedback)

Started by Nightwing
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Bandit Thug 1: Did you hear that?

Bandit Thug 2: yes, what was it?

BT1:It kind of sounded like screaming. By the shields of Talos, we must apprehend this uninvited guest.

BT2 :...

BT1: Lucifer where are you!? Damn it, he must of left without me.

???: -silent laughter-

BT1: Lucifer are you there? who blew the torches out? Show yourself!!!

???: All alone now.

BT1: Who's there?

???: I will give you a hint... What is the music of life?

BT1: Uh??? Death? Uhm, Silence? I don't know!

???: I see, I see. That's unfortunate.

BT1: Huh? i still don't know who you are, i can't see anything. Are you here to hurt me?

???: Hurt you? tsk tsk. No, the shadowscales don't hurt people, my dear child.


This was just a sample so i can see what kind of feedback i can get. please like if you've enjoyed the short story, and tell me if i should continue to make it into a successful full length story. Thanks for your time c:
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Why did I have to be THE DRAGON BORN ? :c
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Pretty good story, I am a brother ;D I am a big fan of the shadowscales!!


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