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Anyone Else Find It Hard Role-Playing With DLC's?

Started by LucidCow
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I've had a problem with Bethesda games for sometime now and this is role-playing with their downloadable content. By Bethesda games i simply mean The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. The problem is, with Skyrim as an example, I've just beaten the main quest-line and the prophecy is complete; great. I can go around helping with small things using my power for the good or i can pillage Whiterun like most others do. But when the time comes to deal with the vampire outbreak, i just find it hard to slip into character. You have saved the world, but it just seems unnatural to the universe that someone who has already done so much will yet do another great thing. There are people in TES history who have done some great things, like Tiber Septim, but they stop after it because there isn't really much chance that another big thing will happen/effect them/that they'd need to bother about. It works with guild's too. You are the Dragonborn!-Listener-Harbinger-Guildmaster-Arch Mage... Eh... It seems to me that no-one really gets through that much in their lifetime, so when approaching DLC in these games, i can't seem to stay in character but instead just feel like a superhero and not a real person belonging to that world. It is ok with DLC like 'Broken Steel' in Fallout 3 or 'Dragonborn' in Skyrim because they were made to sort-of extend the main characters story but others like 'The Shivering Isles' in Oblivion just don't sit right with me so most of the time i just make a new character for the DLC and cheat him up some levels to complete it, but i'd prefer to carry on with my main guy.

So, does anyone else experience this role-play breaker, and does anyone have some tips/fixes to this?

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Just don`t stop when it comes to rp Live out his daily life it worked for my guy in Oblivion who retired as he had helped the world so much and he was to strong for battle.

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The whole thing with rp'ing is that you ONLY do what fits your character, so if you don't want the character to be the listener, archmage harbinger etc then only do the quests that your character would do. If he's a noble warrior he wouldn't be going out a killing random people silently or dedicating his time to become a master of the arcane arts.

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Shivering Isles seems like an odd one to complain about cause in the end in oblivion you really didn't even save the day you just escorted some other dude and helped him to do it. I feel like at that point it is easy to rp you are some great hero who watched the man you were sworn to protect die...Just seems like the character would retire become a drifter or something like that kind of wash up and then some chance to be a hero arises again or maybe it is even an accident, but in some manner he gets into that portal and boom pretty easy to go from there.

I do get where you are coming from on there should be guild restrictions and that kind of thing, but honestly that will never happen again from what I can see. I mean New Vegas did it cause it was made by Black Isle and that worked really well and I much preferred that game over Fallout 3. I think your best bet is just get the right mods and get the right stuff like that there are even ones that lock you out of the main story making sure you arn't the dragonborn and I mean those are always good options to have that more immersive feel.

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For the most part in TES games you ARE supposed to be a superhero, in Morrowind your the reincarnation of Nerevar who's basically sole purpose is to kill Dagoth Ur and in Skyrim you're the last dragonborn who was prophesied to return and kill Alduin. It's fairly easy to RP with the DLC's for the games, once you've fulfilled your "destiny" as the hero there's the question of what happens next, the DLC's are (usually) new threats that rise up and it's the hero's duty to stop them, like maybe the hero retired and then a new threat arises and the hero feels the need to stop it or in the case of Dragonborn is essentially forced into doing it.

For the Shivering Isles DLC it's the hero's curiosity that draws him/her into the story, like Haskil says the door is an invitation so if your char isn't really all that curious then he/she wouldn't go in and once he/she is in it's curiosity that would keep driving him/her, you can essentially leave the Isles at any time and doom them to order so there isn't really anything compelling the hero to partake in the story other than sheer curiosity and wanderlust.

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