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Applied Tactics
Applied Tactics

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Rorek.
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About Applied Tactics
"Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation."

Time Zone: EST/Central/PST
Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant

About Us:

We are a Guild that was reformed from a division of a competitive E-Sports Organization during BWE1-BWE3 of Guild Wars 2 into what is now known as the Guild Applied Tactics. ATac is a competitive Guild focused on hardcore PvP as well as the end game Guild activities available in ESO. As a Guild our main goal in PvP is to dominate in both small and large scale combat as well as lead our faction of choice on the battlefield. Our core member base started in Guild Wars 2, but some of our leadership structure and members have been PvPing together since the launch of SWTOR.

We offer our members a fully functional webpage (Enjin) including forums, Teamspeak, and a well-organized and structured community that can migrate through multiple games together. ATac is an organized, and team oriented Guild that made our bones by establishing ourselves as a tactical force that aimed to outplay the 'zerg' of WvW in Guild Wars 2 and having a structured system of play for all of our squads/teams. Our member base is 25-30 active members strong, and focuses on team play, communication, and most importantly having fun with a competitive yet laid back atmosphere. We accept all from the most competitive of players to those who want to learn and grow as an aspiring PvP player into our community. Though our main focus is and will always be PvP in all forms, we believe in forming a bond and creating a community of all types of players to be successful at our focus game (Elder Scrolls Online).
ATac is a multi-gaming PvP community that is shifting its focus from Guild Wars 2, to Elder Scrolls Online. Although we will be shifting focus, we will still run a Guild Wars 2 Division and continue to migrate from game to game (both MMO and otherwise) wherever the thrill of PvP takes us as a community.

What We're Looking For:

Alliance vs. Alliance - We are looking for team oriented players, with great communication skills, who are willing to put forth dedication to playing and learning the strategy and tactics (metagame) behind AvA to compete with enemy Guilds and groups in Cyrodill that vastly outnumber ourselves. ATac will be striving to be known as a figurehead Guild of our Alliance and known to the other factions as one that can hold out and siege against twice our numbers, as well as rally the faction together to overcome and achieve victory. If you want to be part of an organized Guild who applies themselves to ESO and its community both in and out of game, and one that will be looked at as a driving force for the Alliance we play on, we want you to apply for our ESO Division! Are you a PvP focused player who is always looking for the Guild that makes good on their “We’re looking to lead the Alliance!”, and “We want to grow the community!” claims? We’ve done it, we’ve proven it over multiple servers multiple times, in just one game!

Small Groups/Guild Mergers - Are you a small group or Guild looking for a new home before launch? Had bad luck with recruitment but want to keep everyone together and not break up your tight nit Guild? Have a group of friends, who are all planning on playing the game, but don't have a Guild or don't want to create one to call home? ATac is looking to recruit you and all of your friends/guild members! If you think you and your group fits the criteria mentioned above and below, contact me (Rorek) on our forums or email me personally at

Members: Members should be respectful of all, friendly, social, helpful, and have a sense of humor:

- Must have thick skin.
- Devoted to one guild/organization, this is not a place to park alts, you're either "all in" or you're not.
- 18 year old age limit, with special case by case exceptions from staff members.
- Your actions reflect on the guild/organization as a whole, keep that in mind.
- Must have a working microphone and Teamspeak.
- Be able to work as a team and follow directions.

PvP: PvP is a big focus for our core in Applied Tactics. We are competitive and play to win. If you can't follow common sense instructions, or play as part of a team then don't apply. While not being completely dedicated to PvP as to enjoy all aspects of the game for and with our members, Alliance vs. Alliance PvP will be our main focus in ESO; if you intend to apply for PvP purposes please be aware that we will expect you to contribute time and effort to our PvP groups! We take PvP seriously, even when not playing with your Guild members, we expect you who apply to be ready to uphold the 'ATac' name even when soloing zones by yourself. This does not mean win at all costs every single time, but it does mean you are upheld to the same standards as if you were in a premade group of our own guild. Cheating, hacking, or taking advantage of a known game exploit to ruin game mechanics or fair play is strictly forbidden within the Guild; we have a zero tolerance policy on any of these three conditions, and any such conduct from ANY applicants or members will result in an immediate ban from the Guild and everything associated with ATac.

Our ‘zerg buster’ tactics are achieved via synergized builds that are theorycrafted by our own members for the Guild itself, our small and large scale squad structure, and our solid communication mechanics. Through these, fueled with dedicated and talented members, we achieve a superior form of play that is dedicated to outplaying the overwhelming and overcoming what others cannot in PvP. We have proven and tested these mechanics and theories time and time again through our play in GW2 and will be looking to achieve the same form in ESO.


Guild Wars 2

- Guild Member, server first Level 80 (cap) character on Dragonbrand.
- Guild Member, server first Commander Title character on Dragonbrand.
- One of Four founding Guilds of one of the longest running NA WvW Alliances, the Axis of Insurrection.
- One of the leading Guilds and Commander groups on Dragonbrand, Sea of Sorrows, and Blackgate.
- Helped create and run the Dragonbrand and Sea of Sorrows World vs. World community forums.
- Helped lead, and maintain the Sea of Sorrow’s community to both Tier 1 status and #1 NA Server overall for 9 weeks straight.
- Solid structure of GM’s and Council members who are leaders both in and out of game, having built Guilds, E-Sports Organizations, and multi-gaming communities in the past and present.

What To Do While You Wait:
ESO is obviously a decent way away from release, we at ATac don’t plan on wasting the time we have until that late Christmas to early 2014 release. Our Guild Wars 2 Division is still going strong and will be taking on any ESO members who own the game or want to play an MMO with us before ESO’s launch. Along with Guild Wars 2, ATac will be participating in multiple titles to bring the Guild closer together and improve upon our general PvP tactics, strategies, and skills. Should you own GW2 and wish to apply for ATac’s ESO Division, you will automatically be included in our GW2 Division (all Guild rules must still be followed and still apply), and will be welcome to play with us on Blackgate in World vs. World PvP.

Contact Us: Like what you see? Think you'll fit into our community and are ready to apply? Want to look into joining another one of our divisions? Contact us at either of these venues for more information and to put in an application (under the ESO Application Form) at:

Want to email me directly about merging your small group of friends/Guild with our organization, or about coordinating with our Guild? Email me at, or message me on our official webpage (username: Rorek)!

Applied Tactics Webpage:
Applied Tactics Forums:
Applied Tactics Twitter:
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