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Arbjorn Frost-Howl

Started by Arbjorn
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Firstname - Arbjorn

Surname - Frost-Howl

Title - the Bear

Sex- Male

Age - 33 Years

Occupation - Chieftan of Clan Frost-Howl; Warrior

Faction - Undecided ((RP-wise))

Appearance - Arbjorn Frost-Howl is a large, grizzled Nord that sports long, red hair and a fiery beard. Across his left cheek is three large scars; his face itself adorns the symbol of his Clan in ceremonial warpaint.

Muscular in physique, Arbjorn dons Heavy Nordic Armor, brown in color, with his signature 'horned war-helm/bear pelt' attire. Arbjorn faintly resembles a bear; he has been branded with the title 'the Bear' as a result.

The most interesting accessory that Arbjorn carries is his massive double-bladed battleaxe, built in the forges of Atmora and blessed with the Springs of the Fo-Grohiik, then taken with his ancestors to the Fatherland of Tamriel.

Personality - Rough and harsh; not afraid to enjoy a good mug of mead in his spare time.

Social Background/Backstory - ((Short version)) Arbjorn Frost-Howl was born into his Clan's ruling family 33 years ago, along the northern coast of the icy province of Skyrim. Learning to fight at a young age from his father, Ulfberth, Arbjorn was trained in the Arts of the Warrior.

When he underwent the Rite of Passage of his Clan at the age of 17, called 'Trials of the Fo-Grohiik', Arbjorn was given his Clan's coveted Gift of Hircine. Now, able to transform freely into that of a Were-creature, Arbjorn was officially a Kendov of his Clan.

As he grew older, and when his father passed away, Arbjorn assumed authority of Clan Frost-Howl at the age of 29. Now, 4 years later, mighty Alliances have been forged and Clan Frost-Howl's isolation has ultimately come to an end.

Arbjorn must decide who to side with - any wrong decision could lead to his Clan's doom.

Skills - None in particular, other than his ability to swing an axe.

Challenges for the Character - Controlling his bloodlust and transformations...

Religious Views - The Frost-Howls worship the Lord of the Hunt, Hircine.

Politics Views - None; Clan Frost-Howl works together to achieve survival as a whole.
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Arbjorn Frost-Howl
Zeymah of the Bromlokiir

'This is where we fight! This is where we die!' - King Leonidas
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