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Arcadius Dawnforge

Started by Arcadius
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Arcadius Dawnforge

The Grand Crusader

Firstname: Arcadius

Lastname: Dawnforge

Title: The Grand Crusader

Physical characteristics

Sex: Male

Appearance: Arcadius is tall, slightly tanned and muscular of structure. His back has scars from whipping and his face has one long scar running down across his face and over his left eye, he is blind on his left eye.
He has shoulder-length black hair and a goatee with sideburns.

Age: 26

Date of birth: 2nd era, anno 556, Middas 8th of Hearthfire.


Faction: The Daggerfal Covenant

Occupation: Arcadius earns a few coins here and there, from performing deeds of good other than that he's a blacksmith.

Persona: Although not very talktative, Arcadius is a very friendly and kind-hearted man.
Even if his left eye is blind, he tells enemies apart from allies easily.
Arcadius is very loyal, forgiving and trustworthy.
Some say he is daring, venturing where others would not, standing tall against enemies whom others would cower from.

Social Background/Backstory:

The Crimson Dawn

Early childhood:

During Arcadius’ early childhood, he was taught by his father, whom possessed great skill with the forge, his weaponry was said to cut through even daedric artifacts and armor, a slight exaggeration made by the locals, friends and family.
While he and his father were busy by the forge, his mother would ready the dinnertable and patch up Arcadius’ clothes, when he had been playing with the other kids on the streets of Sentinel.

One night, Arcadius woke up gasping, a gloved hand was covering his mouth and a set of dark brown/black eyes was staring angrily in his own eyes, he was panicing, but little could he do to get free of this shrouded individual’s tight grasp.
The mysterious invidual lifted him up, carrying him outside the room where he slept.
In the room just outside the doorway, Arcadius saw his father being held down against the sandy ground, he was trying to get free, but his attempts were in vain, the large men were far too strong.

The shrouded man carrying Arcadius pointed at his father, a hoarse voice spoke from behind the shroud: “Take a close look at this face, for you shall never see it again.”, the man then nodded at the men holding his father down, one of them reached for a curved sword lying nearby, he handed to another man standing right beside him, the man lifted the sword up above his head and looked to Arcadius’ captor, he nodded at him.
While gripping the hilt with both his hands, the man swund the sword down, upon Arcadius’ father, his head was cut clean off and the sand underneath him turned red.
Arcadius was shocked, it was almost as if time around him slowed down, he did not cry or scream, he remained silent and gazed into his father’s eyes.

Soon after, another man came out from Arcadius’ parents room, his rope belt weren’t tied and his pants were hanging around his knees, in his arms he was holding Arcadius’ mother, she was crying but couldn’t scream, she had a piece of cloth in her mouth and her hands were tied on her back, “What do we do with this one?” asked the man holding her while looking to Arcadius’ captor, he simply gestured for the man to slit her throat, the man then dragged Arcadius’ mother back into the parent’s room.
Soon afterwards, the man came back out, he pulled up his pants and tied his belt, once finished he looked to Arcadius’ captor once more and nodded, “Alright, the wench is taken care of.”, Arcadius’ captor replied in a tone of superiority; “Saddle up then, it won’t be long until the guardsmen will pass this area on their night watch.”.

They seemingly did not want to kill Arcadius, who were still shocked from the nights events, instead they took him along with them outside, where more men and a lot of horses were awaiting their return, Arcadius looked back, through the doorway he could see the red sand, the sun was rising up behind the mountains in the horizon, the skies turned red in the early dawning, but then suddenly it all went black, the men put a cloth bag over his head and tied it.
The ride seemed endless, Arcadius felt the hot sun upon his skin, he could taste the salty tears from his delayed reaction to the night’s events, but the whole situation still seemed unreal. Arcadius then passed out from dehydration on the back of the horse.

The day to come

Arcadius woke up from water splashing against his head, “Wake up you little brat! It’s time to go to the digsite.”, Arcadius looked confusedly around, it was very dark, he was surrounded by rocky walls and the only way out was barred, and there he stood, on the other side of the bars, a tall man carrying a whip, out of nowhere the man swung the whip at him, but he hit the stone wall beside arcadius, “I said, it’s time to move! Now get a move on before I change my mind and start beating you up instead!” Arcadius stood up; he walked out of the cell, “Keep moving, all the way towards that torch.” Said the man, while pointing towards the end of a sandy pathway, it was dark, only the few lit torches shed some light on the path Arcadius was walking.
A few times he turned his head to look inside the many other cells, there were other kids, and some of them seemed a little older than him.

Once at the end of the hallway, a large man gripped his arm and took him outside, the light was very bright, Arcadius held a hand up in front of his face to cover from the sun, he was in what seemed to be a massive dig site, there was people digging everywhere, both kids and grown-ups alike.
The man holding his arm took him to a hole with a bunch of kids digging in it, he handed him a shovel and a bucket and pushed him down the hole, Arcadius landed on the bottom with a bump, “Start digging!” yelled the man as he left.
The other kids turned to look at Arcadius, he then got back on his feet and found a spot among the other kids, he gripped the shovel and started digging, one of the other kids approached him and corrected his gripping on the shovel, he then emptied the bucket in which Arcadius had put all the dirt and pointed at it, “Only for the bright stones.” He nodded at Arcadius and returned to digging.

Once in a while, the guards would empty a bucket of water down the hole, they were lucky if they could catch some of the water in their hands and drink it, but most of the time they had to do with just the water running down their faces.
When the sun was setting, the same guard came around to the hole in which Arcadius was digging, he pulled up the kids one by one and took the lot of them back to the cells, he flailed the whip at them a few times, Arcadius was hit only once.

The barred gate closed behind Arcadius, the guard turned on his heels and left. Arcadius looked around, there were seemingly no other way out of the cave, other than through the same way he got in there in the first place, “Hey you, newcomer. I am in here, the cell to the left of yours.” Someone whispered, Arcadius walked up to the bars of the cell and tried to look out and to the left, he couldn’t see much, but he saw a hand waving at him, “We met earlier, in the hole on the dig site, I was the one to approach you when you first started digging. I, uhm-.. You can call me Artanis. What’s your name?” he asked, Arcadius hesitated for a while before answering, “My.. My name is arcadius.” He replied. “Arcadius? Hmm, what kind of name is that? Oh well, welcome to The Gorge, ar-ca-di-us. Did you just get here?” asked Artanis, “Y-yes.. In fact I did. My parents.. They were-.” Said arcadius, before Artanis interrupted him; “You needen’t talk about that.. Uhm-.. It’s nice to meet you Arcadius, I will go sleep now, and you should too, because work in The Gorge is very tiresome.”
Arcadius walked towards the back of the cell, he lay down against the rock wall on the cold sand and closed his eyes.

The days continued like this, every day they had to dig. Time passed, Arcadius and Artanis grew up in the dig site together, forging an unbreakable bond of friendship.

A bond of friendship

Days turned into weeks, weeks to months and months to years, the two grew older, it was in their teenage lives that they were both introduced to the even darker side of The Gorge. The two were thrown in one of the larger holes, to fight against teams of other teenagers, the loser were in for a whipping, because the guards had been betting money on them.

Many more years passed like this, the two fought and dug, only to maybe get a whipping and continue the day after.

One day, when the two had finished digging, they were brought back to their cells, there was no fighting that night, one of the kids on the opposing team had died of dehydration and were already being disposed of in the deserts that surrounded The Gorge, before entering the cave, Artanis approached Arcadius and whispered something to him, “Here, take this to your cell, we will talk later.” Artanis handed him a folded piece of cloth, something was inside of it but Arcadius did not look, he simply hid it between his foot and his rugged cloth sandal that he had made from his ripped shirt.

Later that night, when Artanis and arcadius spoke through the bars, Artanis reminded him of the cloth he gave him and asked if he still had it, “Yes, it’s right here.” Replied Arcadius, “Good, then open it up.” Said Artanis.
Without further hesitation, Arcadius unfolded the cloth and inside it was a bent piece of metal, “Isn’t it great? It’s a piece of my shovel, it broke off as I was digging and hit a rock.” Said Artanis, “yeah, but what should I use this for?” asked Arcadius, “Well, how about you try and fit it into the lock for your cell, then see if it won’t budge.” Replied Artanis.
Almost as if Arcadius was struck by lightning, he rushed forth to reach for the lock, he struggled to get his arms through the bars and around the gate to reach the lock, but he did it, all he had to do now was to try and pick the lock, “Click!” sounded the lock, he had done it, the lock was unlocked and the gate was slowly opening.
They were both amazed that they had done it, they stood speechless for a moment, looking at the open gate.

“Quickly, open mine as well.” Whispered Artanis, Arcadius made his way out of his cell silently, to not awaken the others, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t have them all running out of there. Arcadius then unlocked Artanis cell as well, they were cheering silently for their success.
The two now left the cave crouching, it was perfect, the guard sitting outside the cave was asleep and the others had lit a bonfire and were drinking around it, they just had to make it past them and reach the stables.
At the stables, the two snuck in and prepared two horses for their getaway, but soon enough one of the guards had had just about enough to drink, he was walking across the sand from the bonfire to the stables, to check up on the horses. The man stumbled in the stable and the two hid beside one of the horses, Artanis poked Arcadius “Take him out when he passes by.” Whispered Artanis, “What? No. I can’t d-..” said Arcadius before artanis would interrupt him, “It is the –only- way we’re going to make it out of here.” Arcadius hesitates and then nods at Artanis, he turns to look at the drunk guard who had turned his back on the two, Arcadius closed his eyes for a moment, thinking back on the red sand and the empty look in his father’s eyes, before sneaking up behind the guard and thrusting the sharp end of the metal through his the guards neck.

The guard flailed his arms around, Arcadius had cut him well, but still he managed to reach for his whip and send it flailing for Arcadius, he hit his face and left a long gushing wound down his face and across his left eye, Arcadius were panicking as he couldn’t see on his left eye, but they had to hurry now, the guards had heard the horses whinnying from the crack of the whip, they turned their attention towards the stables, from which two horses ran, carrying Artanis and arcadius.
They rode towards the crimson red sunrise in the horizon and didn’t look back.

Best memory:

Arcadius’ best memory is from when he met a friend when everything seemed so dark ahead of him, a friend that would help him make his way through the darkness and into the horizon of freedom.

Worst memory:

Arcadius’ worst memory is from when his mother and father were brutally slaughtered before him.


Arcadius has long studied the art of craftsmanship, ever since he was little, he wanted to step in his father’s footsteps, and so he learned the art of blacksmithing, to turn mere ores into weapon of cunning blows or armor of stalwart metal.
Combat-wise, Arcadius finds it comfortable wielding a great hammer, sword and board and weaving spells to help defeating the enemies ahead of him.

Challenges for the character:

Arcadius must overcome great enemies, even if he is a very strong individual, there are enemies with the same strength as he possesses.
In times of war, it is only the strongest that will stand by the end of the battle.


Arcadius’ birthsign is The Warrior.

Religious views:

Arcadius is a very religious man, he believes that the Aedra will one day bring salvation.

Political views:

Arcadius has sworn allegiance to the Daggerfall Covenant; he believes that only king Emeric will be fit for the Ruby Throne.

-Arcadius Dawnforge
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