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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Other
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Aldafadr.
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About Arcane
Do you seriously want to jump into Elder Scrolls Online with a group of people that are just absolutely crazy and f*%Ked in the head. We will strip any morality out of you that you may have left, as its all about having fun and having a laugh while gaming and coming together as a team whether it be a massive raid or a world pvp. The Arcane Guild pre-developement agenda is currently under way. Building up from Eldar Scrolls enthusiast from every end of the world. Devoted to a relaxed minded guild but not casual in the least. We have a website/forum that is currently built to gather resources and share to induce quick development once the game is launched. Feel free to explore our site and register/apply to post in our forum, get to know who is fighting by your side and who is behind you casting heals to keep you alive. We will have Ventrillo up and running upon launch date - See more at:

The guild leader and majority of its current members are Australian but don't let this fool you into thinking you have to be an Aussie to join, we will take anyone and you will be tormented and teased just as much as our fellow Australians are, so you will not feel left out in the least.

Bare in mind that you must be 18+ to join. You must have the ability to type and/or speak in fluent English (don't care if its the hillybilly talk of the southern US or the Londonite pomme talk of the UK. The Scottish will have to go through a speech and literacy test first, haha just kidding.
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