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Archive records: "Theodore Lewynth", I

Started by Theodore
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Those who knew how to, in the deafening silence of their interior, hear the voice that would spark the ember of the arcane within them, typically wished to once – and only once! – in their life, share their knowledge with someone – someone whose experience with the silence was brief and someone who in solitude could learn to listen to the voice.

The Art is the end to ordinary living and at the same time, it is the source from which all his strength flows from. He who has left everything to seek pure knowledge and to wield it adequately, should have as his supreme quest and objective to hear, in the deafening silence of his interior, the voice that sparks the ember of the arcane within him.

A young man, typically, an old woman atypically. In this case it was the former – and he was from High Rock, and he was from Wayrest, and he was a breton. With each year that he listened to the deafening silence of his interior, which may either have been a continuous process or something divided into several, smaller processes, has infused him with love for his brothers and respect for their own unique convictions.

But what benefit pours out of enjoying the delights of the deafening silence of one’s interior? »Peace«, some say, and others unsurprisingly perhaps, say »honour«. Since it is written that this person is a young man, from High Rock and from Wayrest and that he was a breton, let us then add to the summa that his name is Theodore Lewynth and was a former student of the recently deceased Roskryn of Shornhelm, may Arkay grant that joker some rest. Let us further comment on the young man’s family.

The family is a troubled one, plagued by news of the outside world – like a clear mirror this family reflects the bourgeois mind-set of an average burgher family in average Wayrest. They are and will tragically always be »candidates«, always seeking to attract attention and hopefully be examined carefully and prudently in accordance to the unofficial by-law of the nobility, by the nobility.

Great caution they show in how they treat bretons of a somewhat advanced age, and obviously this has its explanation. Due to the nature of the family’s commercial trade, for as odd as it may come across to the outsider who is unaccustomed to the breton way, the Lewynth family cares greatly for the elderly and for a pious fee, an elder receives a room and three meals every day and a personal maid to look after them in their old age. Whether or not this reflects the family’s genuine altruism, is the task of others to evaluate.

Having observed the Lewynth family’s own particular form of life to an extent, let us now turn our attention to the persona of Theodore of Wayrest, himself. He is a novice and aflame with the magical love and longing to leave the busy world of Wayrest behind and lay hold of the eternal realities.

Applying himself to study and manual work, seems to be rewarding for him and rest assured, he has found the favour of a teacher, someone whose name cannot and should not be mentioned here – for the name houses many myths, very troublesome myths and is prone to stir up volatile emotions within the mind of the writer of this scroll. The reader is advised not to seek out the name of this mysterious master of Theodore Lewynth, for it may change them forever, negatively. His ways are unorthodox and unreliable, dangerous and chaotic, unstructured and fallible. And we shall not even speak of the type of individuals he prides himself with. Let us hope young Theodore will endure.

Written by
an anonymous priest of Julianos
Local Temple of Wayrest
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"unorthodox and unreliable, dangerous and chaotic, unstructured and fallible."

Well... true.
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