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Started by Iogairn
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Name- Arcthan
Race- Altmer
Age- 92
Gender- Male

Backstory- He was a son of an Altmer diplomat, born in the Imperial City. However his father was haughty and left his son on his own most of the time. Because of the closeness of his estate to the graveyard, Arcthan spent most of his times among the dead, wishing they would become his friends, as they were the only ones who listened to him; his race meant that he was spurned by most races as haughty, and in particular a Imperial Noble's son called Antonius Longinus.

One day, when being taught about the powers of Necromancy, he had an idea. Not fully comprehending the ideas of raising the dead, he cast a spell on one of the graves. The spell worked, and a skeleton rose from his grave. Filled with hate for Antonius, he asked the skeleton to attack him, to rough him up. Naturally, a skeleton does not know the difference between attack and kill. After the skeleton killed Antonius in plain sight, with Arcthan urging him on behind him, Arcthan was arrested and thrown in jail. His father disowned him and left the city, heading back to Alinor. This, in particular, fuelled his rage as, although he had never been warm, bloodlines were everything to them. Using the powers he learned of, and taking advantage of the underestimation of the child's powers, he broke out, killing two guards in the process.

He left the Imperial City, travelling to Cheydinhal and taking up with the Orc crime bosses in order to remain hidden from the authorities. Yet again, however, he was segregated by his race and became more alienated towards other races. Eventually he lashed out again, killing several citizens, and fled to Alinor. However he kept his contacts in the underground world, as he was becoming more and more determined to force his race over the others, and knew that he could not do it on his own...

In Alinor he was welcomed by an Altmer Supremist group called the Genarchs, and he quickly rose in their ranks, due to his powers, contacts and ambition. He learned to mask his emotion and became a skilled politician, driving the force of the Genarchs to persuade Queen Ayrenn to move against the mainland. She was gradually considering their arguments, as she had suffered at the hands of the corrupt empire, until another politician appeared, defending the Empire. This opponent was Arcthan's father.

Filled with hatred for his disownment, but not thinking of the political gain, he set out to his father's manor, posing as a courier from Ayrenn. Since Arcthan worked mainly from behind the scenes, he went unnoticed. His father appeared at the doorway, cheer written on his face as Arcthan told him that Ayrenn had accepted his proposal. After his father had paid him, he asked him what Arcthan's name was. With a grim smile, Arcthan told him. And his father screamed.

The duel lasted only a few seconds as Arcthan's father was not as skilled as Arcthan, relying instead on his politics. He came to regret that decision. However Arcthan did not have time to flee before the guards came, seeing it as a political murder, not a family squabble. The punishment was the same. But, with a certain feel of repetition, they underestimated him, sending only half a dozen guards. He slew two personally before raising the corpses of those around him to hold the rest off while he fled the city, and his homeland.

Personality- While he can adapt his personality to suit the situation, underneath he is a cold, manipulative bastard. He sees others as tools to be used by their betters. He also possesses a dry and cutting wit, making him seem suave in order to fit in with the nobility at court. However, sometimes caused by the smallest of things, he becomes full of rage, past the borders of insanity.

Skills- He has great powers of Destruction and Necromancy, as well his speaking skills.

Weaknesses- He is physically weak. He often underestimates other people, seeing magick and intelligence the only skills worth having. He is also, fundamentally, a coward. It is only his ruthless ambition which makes him take risks. It is not -fully-his desire to live that makes him so, but rather his belief that he can make things change greatly for the world and he cannot do that if he is dead.

Religious Views- While living with the Orsimer, he prayed to Malacath in order to fit in. However this changed after he left, completely spurning him. He now worships Magnus, as he realises that Magnus truly hold all the power of Magicka. However he doesn't involve himself too much in God worship as he doesn't like the idea of a being more powerful than himself (or his possible potential as a mortal). He also despises Lorkhan, like many of his kind do.

Political Views- He is a firm believer of Altmer Supremacy, and the Genarchs (although they disbanded after the incident of his father's murder). He supports Ayrenn, although he sees her as too compassionate, as she sees the Altmer ruling the empire, not dominating it.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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Wow, I started out liking him but now... Brilliant character, all I can think of saying is maybe put his appearance, I can't start to imagine what he looks like!

Vlos Hithern

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