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Argawaendir Velpkis

Started by Argawaendir Velpkis
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First Name: Argawaendir
Surname: Velpkis
Title: The Plainswalker
Gender: Male
Race: High Elf
Age: 47
Occupation: Sorcerer, Daedra Prophet
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance: Covered in robes of pure black, with parts of iron-like armour on the elbows, shoulders and his waist. He has a hood covering most of his facial details, but the parts visible is the yellow-golden skin on his chin and a barley visible mouth with what is mostly a grin of pure hatred
Personality: As deceptive as he is evil, he portays a personality that is common to only the plains of oblivion, a personality of pure hatred and a complete disregard for human life, willing to sacrafice an army for only a small goal in mind. But as much as all of this, he is extremley ominous and he keeps his personality a secret, going out of his way to make sure his identity is not revealed
Backstory: Grown up in a family of nobility in The Summerset Isles, He had a mind as a young man that concerned some people, growing ever more knowledgeble of magic and believing that him and his attitude with magic could get himself and others in danger. Both the family and his teachers decided to limit his studies in magic, preventing him from getting the wishes and knowledge he demanded. He grew furious of this and looked for an alternative, anything that could teach him magic, he was desperate for anyhing, anything! He then foud his answer in the forbidden art of Daedric worship and magic. He was reluctant at first, but then his lust for knowledge and power grew and overtook him. He practiced and performed Daedric rituals in the secrecy of the woods and his understanding of the Daedra grew over the years. He became more arrogant and lustful. At the age of his ascension into manhood. He brang his father, mother and brother into the woods where he practiced his arts of Daedric magic and worship, believing that they would applaud him for his efforts. But instead they where both shocked and horrorfied. His reaction to this was not a peacful one. He trapped them in a cell in the basement of the families house and a type of spell he invented and perfected on his own. His hands began to glow with a smoking purple like essence that seeped through the ears nose and mouth of his brother and father. It began like a pulling, but then they realised they were somehow being pulled from the inside out, and as soon as that happened, there eyes rolled backwards and fell to the floor
There soul had been taken while they were alive.
Argawaendir then disappeared from the Summerset Isles entirley, his actions were unkown the public, he performed magical experiments on captives who rarley live to tell the tale, his knowledge grew and he became more and more like his teachers feared him to become. It is apparent that he has now joined the Aldmeri Dominion. With yet another goal in mind, by[/font] capturing Cyrodill and to turn all of tamriel to his dark worship.
Best Memory: Perfecting his Soul Sucking spell he used on his family and using it on them
Worst Memory: Being told that he is to "dangerous" to further procceed in his magic studies
Skills: A extremley deceptive and clever mind, perfection of daedric magic and worship and the schools of Destruction magic, Illusion magic, Alteration magic and Conjuration magic.
Challenges: His views and the views his peers may view of him, avoiding detection of his identity and his religous views from the high ranks of the Aldmeri Dominion
Birthsign: The Mage
Religous Views: Daedric Worship of all types
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