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Argonian DK Tank Build

Started by akruvi
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Aldmeri Dominion
So I figured I'd try my hand at this. This build is purely defensive, and aimed towards group tanking. It replaces any possibility of damage output with self-healing abilities for survivability.

I've picked Argonian for their +healing and potion effectiveness.

Your thoughts?

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Daggerfall Covenant
I think this is a very different build, but looks like it would be very effective at PvE tanking, maybe even be good for PvP because you have high survivability, but it would be hard for them to ignore you even with your lack of DPS because of your snare/stun effects and ability to synergize with your allies and buff them.

Only thing I see is that you have very few low level abilities, so unless you are planning on spending the gold to re-spec, you might have a little more trouble in the early game due to a lack of skills.

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