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Armed Brothers of Skyrim - Ebonheart Pact - PVE/PVP/RP (EU/PC)

Started by Drakossus
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Brothers of Skyrim

Brothers of Skyrim is a guild that doesnt focus on any part of the game. We just want to have a great time together and fight side by side in the war. We are going to host several guild events ingame and have a active RP story where you will be part of it. But more of that is coming soon.

here is a list of all the things this guild is going to contain:

- Living Story ( RP ), and you will be part of the story
- Guild events
- Central market place
- Raids
- Cyrodill campagne
- Website
- Teamspeak

Make sure to be part of the Brothers of Skyrim and apply now!

We are still looking for "THE NINE"!!!!

The nine are the leaders/officers of this guild who make sure everything goes well in the armed forces of Skyrim.
we are looking for:

2x RP master ( you write together the RP story of the guild, random events will occur and you have make sure the guild makes the right discision )
2 places left!

2x Recruiter ( you will travel in Tamriel to find new members for the Armed forces of Skyrim and make sure they are up to the task )
2 places left!

2x website admin ( you hold the website up to date and everything that happens ingame will be put on this website )
2 places left!

1x Event planner/creator ( you are going to create the guild events and organise them )
1 place left!

2x Generals of the Armed brothers of Skyrim. Ingame you will lead your brothers into battle and make tactics how to fight best.
2 places left!

The nine will also have a seat at the grand table where your voice will be heard about what the Armed brothers of Skyrim will do next.

if your interested in filling a spot, please let us know!
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