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Armour and Magic

Started by Kur
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If I recall an interview they said that they're basically going with the slot system, but with some kind of tweak. Personally, I DON'T want an encumbrance system in this. Strength builds would have more space to carry loot, making it completely unfair to stealth and especially magic orientated characters. After all, how angry would you be if you saw a warrior walking out with twice the loot that you did when you contributed just as much? It would make it MUCH harder for mage or rogue classes to make money compared to warriors, which would unfairly unbalance the game.

The only way I possibly see an encumbrance system in this is if everyone has the same encumbrance level, but even then it becomes unfair to warriors who naturally have to carry heavier equipment. Slot inventory mechanics are the only way to keep it equal to all characters and builds.

As for the tweaked slot system, I instantly thought of the Diablo loot system where bigger items took up more inventory slots and it became like a mini game of tetris in your inventory. THAT would be interesting.

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