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Artaxeres Thasces

Started by Thorfinn
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Ebonheart Pact
Name: Artaxeres Thasces
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Race: Redguard
Birthsign: The Lord, 2E 545
Religious Views: Follower of Leki and Onisi, the old Gods of his people.
Political Views: Loyal to Hammerfell but not to Emeric nor the Covenant.
Occupation: Adventurer, Mercenary
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance: Atraxeres is of average height and lithe muscular build. A serious face adorned with several scars shows pale green eyes set in a dark skinned complexion typical of a Redguard. He wears his hair short and braided along his skull.

Equipment: Supple, short sleeved brown leather aketon over grey and pale blue tunic and pants. Bracers and tall boots protect his limbs. He wears a typical Al’kir hood of fine dark blue material. He carries a re-curve bow and quiver of arrows, a scimitar and two long curved daggers.

Personality: Although his demeanour is quite serious, Atraxeres is generally pleasant and well mannered, though he takes a dim view of crass boasting and loud, aggressive posturing. In such cases he is dismissive, mocking and sarcastic. He is quite quiet generally, and prefers to observe and reflect. He dislikes elves in general, and distrusts Argonians. He takes his Gods seriously, though he has no intention of forcing them on anyone.

Skills: An excellent archer and tracker, a capable in close combat with his chosen weapons and an experienced leader of small groups of men. Like most Redguards, he is tougher than the average human or elf, in addition to being hardened from his years of travel and adventure.


Atraxeres was born in Stros M’kai, third son to his father, a sailor on a merchant vessel, and mother who worked in a dockside tavern. Raised amid a family of five in a single room above the inn, Atraxeres never entertained the notion of anything other than working to secure his family’s subsistence. Both his father and mother had long supported the Forebears in their own small way, believing that closer ties to the Empire would create a better life for their children and their children’s children. This was something Atraxeres was raised to believe as axiom.

When he was seventeen he returned to the Inn to find a drunken patron attempting to force himself on his mother. In a rage, Atraxeres strangled him. Chased by the patron’s friends, and sure they would secure his conviction despite the actions of his victim, Atraxeres took ship with a friend of his father. He hated the sea, and the confined nature of the ship. As soon as he could, he went ashore again, ending up in Solitude in Skyrim. There he begged, scraped and took what work he could, but it was a losing battle. He left the city, determined to try his luck hunting in the countryside. There at least there was food for those without money. He blundered through marsh and over steppe, kept alive by whatever plants he could find, until he reached Lake Ilinalta.

There he finally collapsed and was found by a group of hunters out of Falkreath. They took him back to their camp and revived him, and after hearing his tale they took him with them, teaching him to track, live off the land and shoot. He took to the bow like a natural, and more than earned his keep.

Eventually, once he felt he had paid off the debt he owed them, he ventured back to Hammerfell, concerned for his family. When he arrived in Stros M’kai, he found them struggling to get by without his wages. Driven by guilt, he joined an expedition searching Dwemer ruins to the east of the city. It was a long and arduous journey, and Atraxeres was forced to learn to use a blade quickly, for his hunting arrows did little damage to the Dwemer constructs. Nevertheless, he and a few others survived long enough to make a tidy profit. Atraxeres continued to hire himself out to treasure hunters and adventurers, and learned his trade well.

Soon enough he could afford to invest in one of Stros M’kai’s shipping firms, which elevated his father to captain of his own vessel. With this new source of income his family could afford to live comfortably, and driven by wanderlust, Atraxeres left the city, wandering across Hammerfell and eventually across all of Tamriel. He often adventures on his own terms and more than capable of living off the land during a dry spell. During his travels he began to doubt the quality of the Empire, and became more traditional and religious, gravitating toward the Crowns and their resistance to the Empire.
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