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Arturia Kurei - Bosmer, women, ascended entity (vampire)

Started by Teiji
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Hello community of TESOF, this is my first post within Character Bios, possibly overdue but yes. It tells of the beginning of a character of mine I enjoy thoroughly, what she did in her beginnings and how she came to be a Soul Shriven in Coldharbour to, but before that, some information for the sake of convenience.

Firstname - Arturia
Surname - Kurei
Title - The Shield of Nyssara
Sex - Female
Race - Bosmer
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion
Best Memory - Ascension, acquiring the gift of undeath through vampirism.
Worst Memory - Being cattle, unascended, not a vampire.
Birthsign The Steed
Religious Views The infinite compassion, that which is Sithis, Mephala and Hermaeus Mora.

Arturia Kurei

[Image: knRgmU2.png]

Pathetic, weak, frail, loathsome, such is the existence of one that is imprisoned within the form of the cattle.

As was I, pushing on forwards, surrounded by the inequities of my form, the poison excreted from the cattle that plague Nirn. With their delusions and complete and utter disregard for the truth, for the unconditional love of the infinite compassion, for the natural order of all things. Pushing on with their fake smiles, delusions of happiness as if their existence is not but a necessity for the natural order of all things, as if this means they are not but a necessary pestilence from which greatness absolutely must be birthed through. Such is the beauty and elegant grace of the natural order of all things.

House Nyssara, the place I once knew as my home. Just writing those two words warms my heart greatly. So much has happened, through my time in service as a cattle, I was given the greatest privilege of my once pathetic existence, I was chosen to become one of the ascended, made possible by none other than the Fang of Retribution, allowing me to shed my frail cattle prison and take my first steps as an ascended, as an entity of strength, grace and sheer elegance, as Dreadkin.

I'm so eternally grateful for everything that has allowed me to experience this blessing. The Summerset Isles, my place of birth, born through a disgusting procreation of cattle, a foul, pigish noble and my slave mother. It only made sense that being born from this that I wasn't deemed important enough to bear a name, I was born a slave after all, a cattle. My mother weak, my father pestilence, not forgetting all the other vile cattle I found myself around. Looking back now, It was appropriate how poorly I was treated by such disgusting, vulgar creatures, especially considering how my mother believed that she was once loved by such a pompous pig, a shame that she allowed despair to rule her heart, she may have been able to serve the illustrious, benevolent, glorious grand matron Nyssara had she not.

Eventually I managed to travel away from that Lorkhan forsaken place, making my way to the lands of Hammerfell in the company by pirates, I wasn't interested in attracting to much attention from the authorities being the "valuable property of noble pig cattle" I was after all. Being the somewhat attractive woman, as attractive as cattle can be at least, it didn't take long for one pirate to test my resolve, we were all on the deck when he rallied the other pirates, setting the stage for the show. Then, this lacking-in-hygiene Redguard walks up to me, looking at me with his left eye whilst his right eye scanned the horizon, must've been so hard for the others to pretend to take him seriously with those wonky eyes. Anyway he starts talking about how It's the responsibility of all pirates to educate the new people on "How newcomers are supposed to pull their weight" and "What's expected from the women newcomers especially." , he walks up close to me, moving his right hand towards my chin with the most mucky, muddy and vile fingernails of all Redguards I've ever seen, I let him get half-way to my chin before I strafed right, lunged forwards to take the sword on his waist out of It's sheath, stepping left, I used his sword to strike down with great vengeance and furious anger that foul hand of his. He squealed like a little piggy, the thud of the hand hitting the deck made all the other pigs silent, I had to make such an effort to hold back a giggle to keep the atmosphere appropriate. As he was down on his knees, I made sure to cut the hand up several times, you know, so he didn't have to worry about cleaning that dirty hand of his if he could simply have it reattached. He looked up at me with rage in his eyes, well, he tried to as his eyes were rather red and overflowing, the fucking parasite, naturally I threw him a slight gentle smile as I threw down his sword, slicing off his other hand before kicking it overboard for the Slaughterfish to enjoy. I couldn't take much more of touching the hilt of that sword knowing who it belonged to, Sithis only knows where those disgusting hands had been, so I firmly planted it through the wound of his right hand, clamping him to the deck, it was great! He ceased breathing heavily and trembling angrily, resolving himself to sob loudly on the deck instead, I moved closer, spat in his face and actually spoke, for the first time ever on the ship! I was quite fiery at the time after all, plus the food was fucking terrible, well, It improved greatly after this incident, the others knew to respect me but yeah, I told this mucky Redguard as he lay on the deck sobbing after I spat in his face, "You fucking parasite, forcing me to touch the hilt of that sword which your vile hands with muddy fucking crawlers for fingers have touched!" the others were amused, his fingers were fucking disgusting, as were the nails after all, so everyone on the deck giggled. That situation resolved, with everything said and done I went back to my hammock on the lower decks to sink myself into a book, such a satisfying day that was.

I wasn't with those pirates for very long but I did continue to travel and interact with various other pirates and bandits, as I had left the service of nobles, it was the most sensible thing to do, plus I was angry, angry at myself, angry at everyone, angry at fucking cattle, all cattle.

[Image: UbYaj1R.png]

There was this time I was at a lake, underneath the waterfall as I washed myself, as you usually do when you're under a waterfall. After a while I felt someone watching me, feeling this I immediately jerked my head to scan the area, it was then that I saw him, he was a tall Breton fellow that was well built, with heavy malicious intent in his gaze and surrounding him as he travelled to the edge of the lake, me being completely bare, my red hair running down my back to just above my waist as I moved to my personal effects a short distance away resting atop a small rock, I kept eye contact with the Breton as he arrived at the far edge of the lake, following the lake around towards me, smiling back at him gently as he continued to glare at me, his eyes seemingly looking through me as I took a towel and began drying myself, concentrating on his eyes I patiently waited for him to blink, it took a while but as his eyes closed, so did my pleasant smile and entire expression change to one filled with furious rage and burning hatred, it was unexpected and threw him off-guard for the half a second I needed as I threw a hidden blade that rested underneath my effects into his throat, he dropped like a sack of Mudcrab shells and rolled into the lake, his blood spread through the lake as I got out to dry myself and get equipped. Now decent I moved over to the now deceased cattle, pulling up my sleeve and turning it over to take back my blade, I stared into its eyes for a short moment as the blood began to flow more beautifully, frowning at it for having my delightful bathing time interrupted, I then realised it was appropriate to remove the eyes, which I did with my bloodied blade, opening up its mouth, throwing them both inside and closing it back up again, I smiled then continued on after cleaning and securing my trusty blade.

After a short while I arrived where I needed to be, I pushed on in to the cave, tossing a token up to a ledge where a hand extended from the shadows catching it, the figure moved and whispered something to another before returning back to its original perch, the other figure disappearing deeper into the cave from the upper level as a male battle-scarred Orc cattle appeared to escort me deeper into the caves, he was smelly, not as badly as expected but regardless, when do Orcs not smell horrendous? Moving on, I continued travelling with this Orsimer-of-Skeever-odour deeper on into the cave where I was directed into a cabin, praise be to Mephala I thought as the Orc left me at the door. I went in and sat down at a table in the centre of the dimly lit room, "Always the dim lighting with these foul bandits and their foul caves." I thought to myself, being as irritated as I was, naturally, I sighed, this sparked a comment from one of the two observant bandits standing just shy of the table as they stood guard waiting with their arms folded, *snort* the Redguard on the left quickly rubbing his right nostril sounded, they'd been glaring at me since I entered the cabin, adding to the irritation as my day continued to get better and better, "Horns, I'm not sure you noticed but you're a long ways from Valenwood right now." this fucking observant intelligent fucking fellow then stopped mid-sentence to rub his nostril and snort, snort loudly. "You ask for permission to sit, you ask for permission to sigh and you wait until you're spoken to before you speak." this Redguard was a state, there was no way I was taking him serious with him clearly being out of his mind on Skooma and moon sugar, he had the accent of a Khajiit and his fucking snort, snort, snorting was quickly getting on my last fucking nerves the fucking piggy, but alas, I was here on business, I needed to refrain from any unnecessary bloodshed, lest I risk ruining my appetite. So, naturally I didn't sit there intimidated and not say a word, I glared at and through the doped up confused-I'm-a-Redguard-Khajiit-cross-bred-cattle-Skooma-moon-sugar-very-observant-junkie, then I gracefully removed everything from my chest, "Listen here piggy, I've had my bathing interrupted today by a now eyeless and deceased Breton parasite, then I had to put up with walking through the most narrow fucking caves with Orsimer-of-Skeever-odour..." as I said this the other bandit laughed through his mask, quickly ceasing when the Redguard piggy jerked his head to frown at him, it did take him half a second to get his eyes to focus, the other turned his head to the side and had his eyes travel the room, likely to hold back a giggle, I was just as amused at how far from Mundus the piggy was. "now I have to sit here in this fucking dimly lit room, put up with your vulgar fucking snorting, the awkward fucking stares from the pair of you that are clearly not comfortable due to probably having been stood arms folded for the past three hours and you even have the fucking audacity to speak to me, you don't compliment me on the only pleasant thing about me, my horns, instead you fucking call me 'Horns' and state the fucking obvious, this is not Valenwood, this most certainly is not Cyrodiil, nor is it your house and I'm sure as fuck this is not Coldharbour. All that said, I'll give you the opportunity to keep that fucking disgusting pig mouth of yours shut, If I hear just one word escape those lips, I'll fucking show you Horns you fucking pig, as you are a dirty piggy, you have permission to snort, as long as you do so more akin to how a pig would as we wait for our host so that I may leave this awfully sophisticated place." I felt so much better after getting all of this off my chest, it was great, but my day was only going to continue getting worse, which it quickly did.

[Image: v4WIDHZ.png]


A loud thud on the door quickly followed by the sound of the door swinging open wide as Orsimer-of-Skeever-odour gracefully made another appearance crashing through the doorway, out of breath as bent over with both his hands on his knees, collecting himself the smelly orc stood upright speaking to the two bandits in the room. "Mansable has been killed! His body was found in the lake not thirty minutes from here, he was stabbed through the neck and found with his eyeballs removed, strangely placed in his mouth." Just my luck, the person I was scheduled to meet I'd killed, It's highly likely I would've killed him anyway but regardless. Upon the smelly one finishing his words, both bandits before me moved to wield their weapons, I kicked back the table into them as they fumbled around for their swords the snorty-piggie did his best to do so quickly, eventually getting there in the end, giggles was somewhat more quick, as they were off-balance I swung around to Orsimer-of-Skeever-odour with the wooden chair I was sat on in toe, forcing it into the side of his neck, he dropped, I jumped to the corner of the room and drew my sword, pulling the shield of my back assuming a defensive position when I realised what was happening, my day was still continuing to get better.

I heard running, lots of feet accompanied by the screams of bandits, the clanging of swords crossing, meeting shields and rending flesh. I stood in the corner alert whilst giggles and piggie immediately became more nervous with the sound of impeding dread fast-approaching, they twitched nervously glancing at each other as if considering whether to attack me or see what all the noise is about, but their indecisiveness was to remain unresolved as a pack of skeletons rushed through the tight doorway, stumbling over Orsimer-of-Skeever-odour, the table and chairs as they attacked and savaged piggie and giggles, they made an effort to put up a fight but their hearts were lacking in strength, they succumbed quickly to the undead. I raised my shield and rushed forwards as the skeletons were distracted with piggie and giggles, yanking skeever-odour across the floor, flinging the door shut and throwing him against the door in an attempt to make it more difficult to open. This took less than ten seconds, as did piggie and giggles' fight, I stood-fast against the three skeletons within the room, cracking my shield through the skull of the first before deflecting the attempt to claw my face of with the second with my shield, concentrating intensely I forced my rage through my siphoning vocabulary to shut-down the skeleton that was peeling back the flesh on the chest of piggie with its bare, bony fingers, after I did this the third and final skeleton was easy prey, I rushed forwards with it still on my shield, hitting the wall I jumped back and tore my sword through its spine to remove the skull.


An explosion sounded behind me, turning I realised the sounds of conflict within the cave was now an eerie silence, a hole stood where the door once was, now disintegrated to expose an Altmer with long white hair standing just before the doorway, he bore an unimpressed, uninterested expression.

He looked down and saw Orsimer-of-Skeever-odour and did what anyone would do, he frowned intensely, raised his staff, which is when the hairs on my neck stood up and a chill completely swallowed me whole, I gulped, doing my best to do so quietly as dark magic extended from his staff and swallowed up the smelly orc, he screamed as soon as it touched his skin, unfortunately regaining consciousness he rolled around on the floor frantically as his skin seemed to be eaten, exposing only his flesh which began to decay rapidly. I found my back against the wall, I'd edged away and not even realised It. The Altmer finishing his observation of the smelly orc moved to turn his gaze towards me, panicking and before he could get done I ran at him. It was futile. Standing in a relaxed and uninspiring pose he flicked his stave at me, forcing me to writhe around on the ground like a fucking slug, "What bizarre spirit you possess!" he exclaimed as he took a step forward to stand before me. "Allow me to reward you with a particularly excruciatingly painful torment!" he had a slight grin, this fucking strange messiah-complex Mer was in a state of ecstasy, he held himself calmly and collectively but I've seen his type a dozen times before, he couldn't hide his excitement from me. He held his stave before me now, eyes closing slightly as the force keeping me to the ground intensified to the point where I couldn't move at all and breathing was hard. My armor began to peel away as dark magic moved to envelop me, I could feel the extreme cold through my armor as it was stripped away, then my clothes which is when it started to slow down. My clothes eaten away to expose my bare skin as his upper-lip curled, so did I grit my teeth as my skin slowly decayed away, I screamed and shouted as loud as I could unable to find the focus to grit my teeth. I could see the pleasure in his eyes, he seemed to loosen up slightly as his enjoyment increased, allowing me to writhe my head around, I was in so much fucking pain and so fucking angry at having the worst fucking day possible. I felt a sense of relief as he loosened up, writhing my head I concentrated so hard to throw it back then forwards to spit in this fancy-haired Mer's face, "Fuck you and your hair, princess!" I shouted at him with all my might as a final act of defiance. You should've seen the fucking rage in his face! He thrusted his stave at me fiercely, almost-instantly decaying the skin and flesh of my chest and tearing my rib-cage open "Insolent cur! May you experience an eternity of the most painful torment as a foul soul shriven of Coldharbour!" he raised his stave as I screamed in agony, thinking back now that was the last thing I remember before opening my eyes and being in a different place, the dark and gloomy place I now know as Coldharbour. Poor food, poor neighbours, poor fucking everything, but yes. I'm grateful nonetheless for all that's happened as It's all allowed me to find happiness in my true form, as an ascended entity, as an entity of grace, elegance and strength, as infinite as the infinite compassion, that which is Sithis, a "vampire the unenlightened would call me. An entity of infinite beauty is much more appropriate.

I now travel back to the lands of the Aldmeri Dominion. The Shield of Nyssara, Hagakure, the one that found me, gave me my name, gave me my purpose. I assume the role as the Shield of Nyssara now that he's transitioned to the infinite compassion, I'm neither pleased nor saddened at this news, for I realise he shall forever remain, through me. My blood boils profusely, as sign of things to come perhaps, all that's certain is that Hagakure still has something for me to do in the lands of the Dominion, the shooting pain in my head, the boiling in my blood all directs me to it. I'm intrigued, also pleased that he still benevolently stands with me, in the true form I'm blessed with.

[Image: qHxO5xJ.png]

-Ascended entity
-Ferocious Mudcrab procurer exterminator extraordinaire
-Noxiphilic Sanguivoria enthusiast
-I am a dinosaur and a diplomat

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