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Ascension [European] [PvP][ PvE]

Started by Traziun
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Ascension was first formed back in 2008 for the original Final Fantasy XIV.
It has had a complete wipe and is now recruiting a small group of members that show the type of comradeship we are looking for.

I will be redoing the website as it is currently set up for FFXIV, If your interested in joining then feel free to apply now, The structure of the guild is still the same and we can sort out something game wise so we can get to know each other better before launch.

Ascension Guild Website

Mission Statement

Quote:To secure a position at the top of the raid and PvP progression charts while providing a professional, mature, and friendly environment for each of our members.

Tell Me More...

Quote:Ascension is primarily an end-game group whose members embody the virtues of mutual respect, integrity, and honor at all times. While certainly more competitive than casual, Ascension is a group of mature players who look for some balance in their members and is thus neither entirely competitive nor casual.

Members are encouraged to speak what their minds and become one with the community. As Ascension is improved upon the views of its members, we remind everyone that their requests will never go unanswered. We are not a company of characters whose sole purpose is to get the best gear possible, but a group of friends who came together as gamers and succeeded as a family. Our motto "Strength in Unity" speaks for how we operate. As we unify, we become stronger. Ascension is only as strong as its members, so we encourage them to band together and overcome rather than to fly solo and drift apart.

Ascension's members thrive on mastering their character's abilities and expect their fellow members to do the same. Ascension aims towards obtaining the best end-game gear and accomplishing great feats by playing together effectively as a team, making the whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

Ascension's members exhibit this team spirit at all times and thus almost always leap at the chance to assist other members, whether with leveling, a quest, or crafting. Of course, Ascension's members do this in the spirit of fun and do not take themselves too seriously.

While members are often on-line throughout the day and night, the core of Ascension's members play between the hours of 9:00 pm and 3:00 am GMT.

Have Any Background Experience?

Quote:Ascension is a guild of members derived from multiple backgrounds in numerous MMOs. Each one of our officers have at least a year's experience as an officer/member in an endgame guild. Ascension came to be through the belief that it's possible to have both endgame progression and a tight knit community in the same guild. Each of our officers was carefully selected to benefit both of these goals.

How Do I Benefit From Membership?

Quote:We offer many things to our members for their service to the company. Here are some of the most notable accolades you can expect for your service as well as what Ascension promises you:

I. A position in a leading TESO guild . We promise to complete the end game content as quickly and efficiently as possible to reap the most rewards which will be passed down through the guild ranks accordingly.

II. A friendly and mature environment. Each of us are a gamer first and a guild member second -- Ascension remembers this. We will provide a sense of camaraderie at all times and an experience free of immaturity or childish behavior.

III. A community that will carry you the extra mile. Each of our members are prideful of the guild name and understands that it's a privilege, not a royalty, to be a part of Ascension. In knowing so, our members will do anything to better the company, and here at Ascension, we realize that a progression of one member is progression of the company itself.

IV. A fair stance on each situation. We will view each member without prejudice, stereotype, racism, or favoritism. We approach each situation with an open heart and always keep in mind "guild first" before resorting to more rational approaches.

V. A knowledgeable, professional, and charismatic team of leaders who will try to make your gaming experience as fun and rewarding as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quote:--What's your position on Alts?
--What do you look for in new members?
--What about joining and then quitting and then rejoining?
--If I join, will you make me an officer? I'm a really good leader!
--How are promotions decided?
--Why don't you share information about your internal workings?
--How is the guild organized and led?
--I applied but I heard nothing back. Why is that?
--Isn't your strict application process kind of elitist?
--Are you a hardcore company?
--Do you have a Ventrilo server?
--Can I 'get to know' some of the members before joining?


What's your position on Alts?
Creating alts can be a distraction from one’s main character, and therefore they are discouraged. Should a member create an alt, they must still meet guild obligations with their main.

What do you look for in new members?
Being a competitive guild, Ascension is always looking for members who will help better the guild in skill and/or character. In each new member we feel that it is more important for a member to have a good personality rather than good skill. The reason being is because we are more than eager to train new recruits instead of teaching a member to be a good person. To sum it all up, new members should have a friendly and outgoing personality while also having an advanced understanding of their class. More information can be found in the Recruitment Section.

What about joining and then quitting and then rejoining?
We strongly feel that Ascension offers far more than other guilds do. If you join and quit, in almost every case there will be no chance to ever rejoin again. We offer recruits one shot only. The only exception we make to that is if a member has to quit online gaming for real life reasons (medical, work, school etc.) and later rejoins online gaming and wishes to rejoin the guild . If they were in good standing before they left, there is a chance they can rejoin when they return to online gaming.

If I join, will you make me an officer? I'm a really good leader!
Ascension is an organization that sits upon relationships formed overtime between friends. In saying so, we do not let new members apply for officer positions immediately after acceptance; rather, in the rare case we actually promote a member to an officer position, we will pick a member who has demonstrated loyalty to the company over a long period of time instead of the new member who was been putting in extra effort.

How are promotions decided?
Because of our low amount of ranks, promotions are granted very rarely. Promotions are given to members who've taken the initiative to help other players, give assistance when it's requested for company activities or helping benefit the company in anyway possible. Keep in mind that while it's expected for all members to display these qualities, we only grant promotions to members who have done these tasks in an exceptional manner and/or for extended periods of time.

Why don't you share information about your internal workings?
Ascension is a private guild . We do not feel the need to brag about ourselves on public message boards (i.e. you will not see our members bragging or engaging in flame wars on any public message board nor will we wave our company banner all over the place in our public signatures). We don’t feel the need to share private company information with the public.

How is the guild organized and led?
Ascension is a guild which follows a dictator-like structure. While we tend to accept the term leader rather than dictator, he, our leader, is always open to opinions whether it is from his close team of officers or even a just a regular member. No matter how members of Ascension feel about a situation, they are taught to follow their leader in respect for the guild. We do this to keep a fair and sound environment for all of the members.

I applied but I heard nothing back. Why is that?
All of our applications are reviewed every few days. However, you may not hear back from us until we have discussed the application with officers. Usually you'll receive an email within 72 hours regarding your rejection or interview. If this isn't the case, try contacting an officer for more information about your application. Also, be sure to check our recruitment page and news announcements regarding our current recruiting status and details.

sn't your strict application process kind of elitist?
We do not feel that elitist properly describes our strict application process. The dictionary definition of elitist is: The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources. That doesn't match our recruiting processes. Said in the simplest terms: We recruit people that we get along with and are friends with. There is no overt or covert value judgment made as to being superior to anyone else. We simply seek people we are friends with.

It wouldn't do the new recruit any good if we recruited someone with gaming goals that our guild didn't afford them. They would be bored and thus we would fail them, as a guild . It is, after all, a two way relationship with the guild offering value to the member and the member adding value back into the team. It wouldn't do anyone any good to recruit them if their personality wasn't compatible with those in the guild . That would just lead to tension and fights and 'cliques' forming which isolated people and ultimately led to them quitting. So our process is best summed up as: seeking people we are friends with. That is, after all, the essence of our company: A team of friends.

Are you a hardcore guild?
It depends on your definition of the word "hardcore". If your definition of hardcore is images of players who never leave their desk and would sell their mothers on Ebay to progress, that isn't us. However, if your definition of hardcore is players who set goals and do what it takes to achieve them (whether doing so is fun or not), who constantly strive to improve their performance, and who value accomplishment above all else, then that's something we stand by. Ascension is a very dedicated guild , and we will achieve anything we set our minds to. With all this said, we don't feel that hardcore is the right word to describe Ascension, rather, "structured" is a more appropriate phrase.

Do you have a voice server?
Yes, we will be having a ventrilo server.

Can I 'get to know' some of the members before joining?
We have a new chat forum where you can talk to the guild. You can inquire about the guild, state your opinions, or talk about anything to your hearts desire. We want you to get to know us as much as possible so you know when you apply, you really want to be a part of the family.

Ascension Guild Website
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