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Ask us anything combat.

Started by Avidus
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Reading this I have found some pretty good, relatively new information, or at least confirmation.
Discuss it here

Sorcerer confirmed as a class
, it was used with Heavy Armor to tank a dungeon.
A few points I like about this.
- Class appears to have no real impact on your ability to fulfill a role.
- Sorcerer was able to successfully tank, using Heavy armor and dual wielding.
- Sorcerer tanked without using any real tank ability's

New Spell (at least to me)
Unstable Familiar
By name, obviously summoning a familiar, I am guessing we saw this is the Game play video's its a spectral looking creature.
It can be used to grab the attention of monsters, perhaps it cant taunt..

Grand Healing? It's in quotation marks, wondering if it is an example or real spell, only usable with the restoration staff.

We also have a few more in-depth looks at.
Dodging/evasion, which is done using character movement, so it does not take up bar space, obviously costs Stamina.
Bow and arrows system, obvious is obvious, but just a confirmation, Aim at a target, click to shoot, charge click for more powerful attack.

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SO slow...

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already a post on this here

hehe infamous ninjad me :)
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The Original Corpse Maker
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I honestly have a problem with this, "It is possible that your target could be behind another target. You would hit the target you had soft-locked, provided you were aiming at them. Another target could not step in the way of the soft-locked target to prevent you from hitting your soft-locked target."

While I will be a tanky melee orc, I feel if someone breaks LoS you shouldn't be able to attack them unless it's some spell that instantly hits you without flying through the air. Regarding things like bows though, you should have no interference between you and your target in order to hit them. I understand this isn't TES, but I expect this with any game for it to just make sense. Any game where arrows go through one target and hit the target behind just makes 0 sense to me. There again, from an MMO standpoint I can see this as being necessary, but from a gameplay stand-point I find it to be quite breaking of one's required skill for ranged and for immersion's sake.
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Going to close this, the link above will lead you to the discussion.
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