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Asthor the Deft-Handed

Started by tijn
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Firstname - Asthor

Surname - Darkmane

Title - the Deft-Handed

Sex - male

Age - 21

Occupation - thief

Faction - Ebonheart Pact

Appearance - Asthor is almost six and a half feet tall, packed with muscles. He has half-long, blond hair which, combined with his icy blue eyes, make him look like a typical Nord. The only thing that distinguishes him from the other Nords is that, instead of the roughness most Nords possess, there is a certain grace about him. It is probably because of his elven heritage, like his slightly bigger ears that end in a small point.

Personality - Asthor is hard and cold, like the nation he was raised in. But, again like his homeland, if you try hard enough, you can find the lush parts and happy green valleys, but he never lets anyone get close enough. He has trust problems, and sees emotions and feelings mostly as a means to manipulation. He is good at pretending, and he can get people to trust him, but as soon as he realises that he, too, is starting to feel something, he walks away. Asthor is not too bright. He has never had any form of proper education, and though he has learned to read and write, that is as far as it goes.

Social Background/Backstory - The Darkmane clan had been influential in Riften for a long, long time. Their affiliation with the Black-Briars had been good to them, and when one of the Black-Briars, Oden, took the position of Jarl of Riften, he named Skuri Darkmane his steward and her son, Baldur, his thane. Skuri, who was the matron of the Darkmanes at that time, planned for her son to marry Turin Black-Briar, Oden's heir.

Skuri was furious when she found out her son had other plans. He had apparently found the love of his life in a lowlife girl without money or a family name. And, to make things worse, her mother was an Altmer from the Aldmeri Dominion. She had been prisoned and raped by a soldier, and a child had come from that. Skuri was mad, but she knew there was nothing to be done. At least, not publicly. In secret, she performed the black sacrament to get the Dark Brotherhood to kill the girl for her, but the assasin failed, and Skuri was uncovered. Jarl Oden had no other choice but to put his own steward to death.

Baldur eventually married Risanna, the girl, and two years later, she was pregnant with his son. Jarl Oden, who had not been able to get any children of his own, named Baldur his heir, and everything looked great for the family. The son came, and they named him Asthor. Asthor looked like a perfect little Nord, except for his ears, and the two new parents couldn't have been happier.

That was when the trouble started. The Jarl was assasinated by one of his thanes, who also seized the throne of Jarl. the new Jarl decided to assasinate Baldur, as the official heir of Oden, and Risanna fled the city, leaving her now eight-year-old child at the orphanage. And Asthor was raised there, albeit not happily. The owner of the orphanage often hit the children, and they were massively underweight. Then, when Asthor was sixteen, the owner sold him to a brothel owner.

For the next four years, Asthor was stuck in a nightmare, but he couldn't wake up. Every day, he was mistreated and looked down upon by the people of Riften, and every night, people would come to his room, and he would have to obey their every wish. Even the Jarl, whom he had come to think of as the usurper, came by once. It was the most humiliating moment in Asthor's life. The only way for him to get food was to go to his boss and beg him for it. Life in the brothel hardened Asthor. He learned how to use what happened at night to his advantage, and how to manipulate people into doing what he wanted. In his free time, he learned how to use a bow, so he could defend himself. And he learned how to rob his 'clients'.

This last thing earned him the attention of the thieves guild. Asthor had heard of them, of course. They were rumoured to be almost omnipotent, and definitely omniscient. They were vicious criminals, but they didn't kill. And they didn't like competition. Every aspect of crime in Riften was entirely controlled by them, and they scared everyone who dared to defy them into submission. One day, Asthor was approached by a rough looking woman, and before he knew what was happening, she had put her blade on his neck. She threatened that if he wouldn't stop his actions, he would wish he would've never been born. But something caught her attention. In all the years the woman had been doing exactly this, she had never encountered someone who didn't look at her with fear in their eyes.

She decided to take the young man back to the Ratway, to the headquarters of the thieves guild. She explained to her superior what she had done and why she had done it, and he seemed to agree with her that Asthor deserved a chance. They told him that if he could steal the Jarl's sword, he could join their guild. They would blackmail his owner into releasing him. Asthor went to the Jarl's palace and presented himself as a 'gift' from his owner. The Jarl happily accepted and brought Asthor to his room. The second the Jarl was out to fetch some wine, Asthor took his sword and put it away. The next day, he went back to the Ratway and presented the leader of the guild the sword. He was very content, and told Asthor to keep it as a welcome gift.

In the next year, Asthor became familiar with the guild. They became his new family, even though he would never admit to himself how much he cared about each one of them. He even had one of the highest succes rates in the guild, but since he refused to ever speak his mind, he never got any kind of promotion. Nevertheless, Asthor has been content just living his life and minding his own business, and all the others have been content letting him.

Best Memory - When the thieves guild asked him to join their ranks.

Worst Memory - Hard to choose. Probably a night from his prostitution days.

Skills - Asthor can be charming if he wants. He is good with a bow as well, and is a really good thief.

Challenges for the Character - Asthor needs to get people to notice him. His revulsion towards emotions usually leads to him crawling in the shadows and trying not to talk to people. Lately, however, his superiors have dropped some hints that he might get a promotion, if only he would distinguish himself a little.

Birthsign The Shadow

Religious Views Asthor was raised in the light of the Eight Divines, but when his parents dies, he felt he could no longer worship gods who would let that happen. Above all, he has a deep hatred for Mara, the Goddess of Love. He personally reveres Nocturnal as his matron, and back when he worked at the brothel, he often prayed to Sanguine.

Politics Views Asthor is actually kind of interested in politics - though only internal Skyrim politics. He is not a very influential person in Riften, but he tries to make a difference all the same. He believes in the cause of the Ebonheart Pact, and hates the Aldmeri Dominion.
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Nice story..

Zeymah of the Bromlokiir. Voth Ahkrin!
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