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Astral Riders Gaming Community - DC - GMT+1 - Now In Elder Scrolls Online!

Started by jovial
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Daggerfall Covenant
[Image: ESOlogo.png]

We are a multi-gaming community currently active in Elder Scrolls Online, Allods Online, SWTOR. We have been around for about 6 years now, keeping players active in the community long after they quit the game where they joined us ( currently around 600 members ). We can offer you a friendly, helpful and mature atmosphere, with everything from casual to hardcore, male and female, young and old players.

For Elder Scrolls Online:

What we can offer :
  • A progressive yet casual guild who will join play both PvE and PvP content and not require to keep up with crazy schedules.
  • Friendly & helpful atmosphere.
  • Experienced officers and members
  • Everything a guild needs : Teamspeak server , website, forums.

What we look for :
  • Anyone eager to progress in ESO in a friendly environment whether it is PvE and/or PvP.
  • People with sense of humour.
  • A decent understanding of the English language, willing to use teamspeak 3 and not afraid to use their microphone.

We don't tolerate :
  • Being disrespectful towards not just guild members but any player out there.
  • Players that rage or cause drama.
  • Hackers, cheaters...

Our goal in ESO is first of all to enjoy the game as much as possible. We will be a strong, progressive guild that participates in every aspect of the game (both PvP and PvE). However we will have a casual environment that does not force members to comply with tight raiding/pvping schedules.

We are in Daggerfall Covenant.

Contact :
Send a ESO application through the website or pm the ESO officers on our website/ingame for more information: Gudwin (@Gudzilla), Jovial (@Jovial)
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