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Atroxus Punitore

Started by cyfiawnder hiraethus
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So this is a character I was working on a few months before I left. Not finished by any means, but posting what I have so far and then editing it little by little feels a bit better to me.
Firstname - Atroxus
Surname - Punitore
Title - The Ally's Incubus
Sex - Male
Race - Imperial
Age - 67 (though necromantic rituals have made him appear much younger)
Occupation - Head of a town guard, once an Imperial general
Faction - None
Appearance - Lucid olive skin, Short black hair speckled with gray. Dark mustache, with a goatee
Personality - Extremely sadistic
Social Background/Backstory - Atroxus was born into an affluent family in the Imperial City, enjoying many of life's finest pleasures, at the expenses of the filthy peasants. Though much of his early life was unknown, though he was quite fond of taunting other children.
Best Memory -
Worst Memory -
Skills - Adept destruction, Expert one-handed, Expert Conjuration,
Challenges for the Character - Hiding his sadistic personality from the public
Birthsign - The Serpent
Religious Views - Believes himself to be more powerful than divines and Daedra.
Politics Views

~~Welcome to a world of impure imagination!~~
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