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ATTN XBONE members! Appears to be only xbox trading guild has appeared!

Started by tim25
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Aldmeri Dominion
Hello, I noticed that on all the guild recruitment sights I havn't ever noticed a trading guild for Xbox. Come on consolers! We need to unite and trade our fin wares all across tamriel! This is why my guild will be hosting a public sub trading guild! I hope your all reading this loud like I am thinking in my head! Its kind of a town Crier voice..
SOOOO The guild is completely public. No restrictions on race, alliacne, age, etc.

How to join you say???

Well my friend its quite simple actually.

All that is needed of you is to go to go to the forum page and sign up under the trading guild sub forum. Then WHabam! Your in XBOX's single trading guild!!!

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