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Auri-El ('s) Holy Knights Guild (Xbox One or PS4)
Auri-El ('s) Holy Knights Guild (Xbox One or PS4)

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Magnus_Elite.
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About Auri-El ('s) Holy Knights Guild (Xbox One or PS4)
Main Ranks/Divisions
Auri-El('s) Holy Knights Guild
LIKE/SHARE US ON FACEBOOK (Auriel's Holy Knights)
(We have not yet chosen if we will go Ps4 or Xbox one or possibly both)
If you wish to join and/or contact us via email, twitter, or facebook

Description : This is a guild that enjoys PvE, Role-Playing, crafting and PvP however we plan to be more useful in PvP and having fun Role-Playing. We play moderately and would like u to make us your main guild to join with. The guild masters here have played Oblivion and Skyrim and a bit of Morrowind on console so we have a decent feel for Role-Playing. Though most of the guild masters haven't played an MMO before, they are good at strategy and commanding. The Auriel Holy Knights Guild is well structured for our PvP game play and PvE. We love the idea of ESO coming to console and hope you join us in the Aldmeri fight!

Note: We have 2 Guild Masters and will add a third if we recruit enough players.


Background : Our group was once forgotten in time but now we have risen once more in the name of Auri-El and Queen Ayrenn . Auri-El himself has blessed our guild with his divine power now naming us Auri-El's Holy Knights. We are of the elite of Auri-El and Aldmeri Dominion Mages, knights, archers and assassins. We plan to march on Cyrodiil and wipe out ALL Ebonheart, and Daggerfall forces swiftly and without hesitation. Whether our numbers become large or small we will utilize them with precise strategy to take Keeps easily.


Tenants/Rules :

1. Follow the rules/tenants
2. Follow orders of Higher Ranked Members (Commanders)
3. Do not troll Guild Members rudely
4. Do not steal from Guild Members
5. Acceptance of all races/gender(real life)
6. Help other members especially new members
7. Do not show excessive violence/hostility to other members
(especially High Ranked members)

Requirements :
1. Must play on Xbox one/PS4
2. Play Regularly (Strongly Preferred)
3. No age Requirements
4. Speak English fluently(If using a mic)

High Ranking Positions
Guild Master(s)-Grand Justiciar

Knight Commander-High Justiciar

Arch-Mage- High Justiciar

Grand Fletcher- High Justiciar

Night Shayde- High Justiciar

Master Crafter(Possible Position)- Region Lord/Countess

- Officers
Grand Justiciar
High Justiciar
Region Lord/Countess

- Enlisted
War Eagle
Sky Hawk

- Divisions

Knights -Close Combat fighters
(Preferred Weapon: Sword+Shield)

Mages - Defensive and offensive magic users
(Preferred weapon: Staff, Sword)

Fletchers -Ranged Fighter (Bow)

Shaydes - Silent Elitists kill quickly silently(PvP,PvE assassin elites )
(Preferred weapon Bow or Blade)
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Auri-El ('s) Holy Knights Guild (Xbox One or PS4) Comments
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