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Aydan "the passioned one"

Started by Aydan
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Aidan — (AY-den)(Celt) "flame, fire, fiery"; derived from word aedh "fire". Edan, Aodhan (EH-thahn); anglicized form of Irish Aodán; dim. of Aodh; Edan.

In the early days of time when the earth was still young and not every energy had taken a solid shape. My spirit was born deep down near the earth's core. The oldest thing that I can remember is a deep rumbling. As if you would sit on the center of an earthquake. With fiery speed and power my spirit was blasted up to the surface into the sky together with ashes and magma. As the sky turned black and red glowing I could feel myself awaken. While flying over the clouds and into the sunlight I could "feel" alive for the first time. I saw the island disappear into the ocean again. Or at least that's what think I saw. Since it got smaller and smaller untill there was nothing else but steam and large waves rushing into the spot that I was blasted from. I couldn't tell for how long I stayed up there, riding on the waves of air. But something, I think curiosity pushed me down to earth again. But it wasn't the same earth that I've seen when I was born. My spirit was still hardly learned and still unspoiled. And since everything was new to me, I was eager to learn without knowing yet what my goal in live would be. And as I was continuing my journey over grassy hills, great lakes and through forests. Wherever the wind guided me through the land. I gatherd valuable information about the flow of live and rithem that went on day by day and night by night. Although at a certain moment I "felled" like I wanted to end my journey. And share my experiences and stories with other beeings. So then on a warm winter night, I tried to reach for a star. And when I felt the warm and comfortable feeling of the earth where I came from, I suddenly screamed because of the cold that came over me. And after a while I realized I was reborn on the surface of the earth. But I had take a solid shape this time. I heard someone say: "It's a boy, a beautiful young boy!" I thought it was dark untill I opened up my eyes. And looked into the face of someone as pretty as an angel. After that I saw some beardy guy who made me laugh when he made funny faces. Although I could see that his face and body where torn apart by years of experience and adventures. As I started to relax I felt the fresh air coming inside my nose and filling my lungs with energy and it tickled a bit. I realized that my true journey was just beginning. Although I forgot most of my knowledge from befor I was reborn. I re-experienced a lot of it in a different way now. And it was my passion that defind the way that I learned things. I needed my time to learn and I lost my temper sometimes. But then there was always my father Dan to give me a way to release my anger and frustration by training in various ways of combat. And secretly I've been training to use the elements as well ;-) . As I use the energy that surrounds me and what I feel from within. Soon my father wasn't able to temper me because I was just to quick. By using the flow of nature to move around. So then my mother Ay had to shout because no matter how angry or frustrated I was. I had and still have a soft spot for women. After there recent passing I've come at this point where my next journey begins.
And so here I am.

My nickname is Aydan, born on the day of the innocent children.
My hobby's are playing the harp, playing games, watching movies and listening to all kinds of music.
And I'm kinda spiritual/philosofic, but you could have guessed that by the story ;-)

As I've seen a lot of other bio's I want to keep it with this atm and will fill it up "later" when the time is right :-)
I hope you enjoyed reading this story to give some background to me.
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