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Started by RedHotMetalHead
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Do you think Ayleids will be added in Cyrodiil? The Ayleids were the original founders of the Imperial City, although it was a fortress called Temple of the Ancestors in those days, Ayleid ruins can be found in Cyrodiil, and it is possible that some tribes of Ayleids may continue to live deep within the forests of Cyrodiil even today.
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the Ayleyds civilization was gone after the Allessian Revolt and Pelinals Crusade on them. So we wont see any civilized Ayleyds for sure. Some "Wild elf" descendants of them have been mentioned in the last year of the first era. So some tribes might remain, but they are secretive (and naked) so no, i doubt well see any of them.
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If we do see them, it'll probably be in valenwood, since according to books in the game most people believe that the remaining ayleids fled there after the fall of their kingdom, and interbred with the bosmer. Some might still be found there, but it's not likely.

If an argonian turned into a werecrocodile would there be any difference in appearance? Like, at all?

The story of Achren Hlaren, Part 1:
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Opinions and feedback is much appreciated!
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