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Ebonheart Pact
Name - Azhir

Sex - Male

Race - Redguard

Age - 25

Occupation - Warrior and adventurer whose goal in life is to achieve perfection in the art of war and uncover the secrets of the ansei

Faction - Daggerfall covenant and the Forebears

Appearance - Dark hair and skin with a small and long beard. Azhir wears traditional redguard war paint as being quite muscular and being average height. He has scars on his face from training when he was younger and less experienced

Personality - He is extremely loyal to the Forbears who he believes to be the rightful rulers of hammerfell however he has an overwhelming sense of justice that makes him do right, even if that means going against his faction. He is dedicated to becoming better at fighting which means he always likes to carry things out to the end. However he is quite horrible to people who side with the Crowns as he sees them as rivals and obstacles that he must overcome. He is quiet and spends most of his time travelling which means he doesn't get much human contact and even when he does he's slow to trust. He's also extremely competitive.

Backstory - Azhir was born in Hegathe to a very poor family. Since he was young he was forced to work where ever he could to help his family, that is if people were alright hiring an 8 year old boy. However his whole life changed when he was 10, as Azhir was wandering around the market place trying to find the cheapest possible food he saw a man sneak up behind a hooded man and steal his purse from his pocket. Azhir was overcome by his sense of right and wrong and bravely confronted the thief, whom he managed to kick in the groin and take the purse. Azhir brought the purse back to the hooded figure, who then took off his hood...

The man was fairly old with many brutal scars and heroic war paint covering his face, he was rich by the look of his jewellery- one piece was perfectly crafted in the shape of a blade. The one thing that truly made the mysterious man stand out was his stunning scimitar which was clearly expertly forged with brilliant jewels encrusted into the golden hilt. The man was clearly an extremely gifted warrior, one that all young men aspire to be. The warrior then smiled and said "Thank you, little one. You are were very brave standing up for what is right, you remind me of myself when I was your age." Azhir lifted his hand up to the warrior with the purse respectfully placed in his palm but the man just laughed and said "You've earned that gold boy. My name is Isratu, I've seen something in you today something brave that I haven't seen since... What's your name?" "Az-Azhir" he replied, dumbfounded at Isratu's kindness. "Azhir, how would you like to become my apprentice? You'll be completely provided for and you have the potential to become a great man". Azhir was shocked, he had always wanted to become a great warrior but he could not leave his family so he replied "No. I-I can't abandon my family, no matter how great of an opportunity this is." Isratu smiled again "You're a noble boy, that's why I'll be providing for your family as well! I need to pass on my knowledge to someone and I think you might be the one." "thank you, may the gods bless you. I shall not let you down!" Azhir replied jubilantly, he then ran home to bring the good news which marked the beginning of his new life.

Isratu was true to his word and kindly took in Azhir's family. However to get to their new home they had to brave the horrors of the Alik'r desert, the unrelenting heat scorched the sea of sand which seemed to stretch on without end. There was even a sandstorm which threatened to devour the group but after a week of travelling through one of the most inhospitable landscapes known on tamriel they finally reached Isratu's "home". It was more of a grand palace, hiding from civilisation in the grip of the sand. it's design was in the traditional yokudan style but it felt- lonely, as if it was a shell of its former self. The inside was just as stunning as the outside with brilliant furniture and decoration. However as Azhir moved deeper into the place, the more naked it became. These rooms were bear with nothing but candles to light the rooms, there were many human shaped figures lining the room. Training dummies. There was even an armoury that was filled with the finest weapons and armour that were fit for only the absolute best warriors. Next Azhir found the servants room, where all the food and supplies were kept and prepared as well as where the servants slept. They were actually accommodated extremely well with quality beds to sleep in. The final room was empty however at the back there was a collection of glorious shrines to represent the 8 divines and one shrine dedicated to a god only a redguard would know, Onsi the yokudan god of war. In front of the shrines was a large book stand where one mighty book was placed. The book was the book of circles, which contained everything essential to mastering the sword.

Azhir had everything he could ever need and this began his training. Isratu pushed him day in and day out to maximise his strength and endurance, Azhir had to complete tasks of extreme pain and focus to forge the correct mind-set before even lifting a blade. When he did he was a natural and he quickly began to learn the thousands of grips and moves of the book of circles. Years into his training and Azhir had proven his skill and dedication to becoming a great warrior however he was no where near finished and still strived for perfection. On dark night, Azhir was praying to gods in the shrine room as well as studying the book of circles. Years upon years of sandstorms had slowly decayed the entire "palace" and over the course of Azhir's training almost half of the building fell into disuse. It was at it's loneliest state it had ever been, with a lot of the servants having to leave to find better work but Azhir was dedicated to this place and his training. As Azhir was studying he heard an ear piercingly loud scream from the front of the building however when he got up to investigate part of the building collapsed in front of him and knocking him out. Huge blankets of smoke towered over the grand building followed by a bright orange inferno and screams of terror and pain. They were under attack, Isratu's warrior past had caught up with him and a small army of crowns, hungry for revenge, had swarmed the seemingly lost building. Bloodthirsty warriors were throwing flaming torch after torch into the already weakened building and mercilessly cutting down anyone who tried to escape the horrific sea of death, some of the crowns were even pouring flammable liquids into the inferno to fuel it. However from the burning mess of rubble, wood and flesh burst out Isratu clad in his warrior garb and wielding two shining scimitars charged into a line of soldiers and ferociously cut down wave upon wave of crown until he was swarmed and torn to shreds by a pack of murderous thugs. The blaze carried on over the night as the warband marched away, victorious and content with bringing "justice" upon Isratu for his trespasses against the crowns.

By the morning the fire had burnt itself out and there were only a handful of surviving structures, the rest was rubble. Out of the destruction emerged Azhir, he was distraught when found everyone he knew was dead, gone in the blink of an eye. Azhir's life was ruined but he made a promise to his family and Isratu that he would fulfil he duty, his destiny and become a great warrior. Azhir felt he was saved by the warm embrace of the gods and for that he made one last prayer to thank the divines and ask for a safe afterlife for all of those who he had loved and lost. Azhir was poor once again but he was rich in knowledge, all he had were his clothes, a sword, his bag and the book of circles. Azhir grabbed up all the supplies he could find and set off on the perilous journey across the Alik'r desert to find a safe haven where he could live, train and lead a prosperous life. Over the next few years of his life Azhir found somewhere to live in Rihad, continued his training and joined The Order of The Flaming Blade which was predominately made up of young forebears like Azhir. It was this order that truly tested his mettle for when the war for the ruby throne started he and his order were among the ranks of the Daggerfall Covenant who relentlessly fight for Cyrodil and eventual peace...

Best Memory - Meeting Isratu

Worst Memory - Loosing his family, Isratu and his home

Skills - Azhir is an amazing warrior who is naturally gifted with the use of the blade, he is strong and durable due to training in such harsh conditions. Azhir is also very intelligent and has studied many things including: the art of war, history of tamriel and the religions and cultures of tamriel. He often uses light and medium armour preferring the latter and shuns the use of heavy armour because he believes a true warrior is a fast one.

Challenges for the Character - Although he is smart and strong Azhir can still be ignorant at times and he has a hard time trusting others especially if they share different beliefs than his own. He is isolationistic and slow to trust but he often bonds with people who are like him. He is overly competitive which has gotten him some enemies.

Religious/Political Views - Azhir worships the divines and a few traditional yokudan gods like onsi. He is a forebear and believes since they were the original redguards to reach tamriel and the warriors who made it safe for their people that they deserve to rule hammerfell for serving their people and allowing them to prosper.

(Sorry for the backstory going on, it was late and I was really tired when I wrote the first part which was very slow and detailed so I decided to stick with that theme for the rest of it. Hope you enjoy reading and feedback is very much appreciated)

Death to Queen Ayrenn!
Down with the covenant!
Glory to the pact!

Xhuvara - Argonian guerrilla fighter and leader of the shadow fangs

Azhir - Redguard knight dedicated to the art of war
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